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SIP & SAVOR Pasadena

We just got home from a wonderful time at The Tournament of Roses Sip & Savor Event in Pasadena. First of all, it was my first time up there by the Rose Bowl, and it was so gorgeous. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather and with a winter crisp in the air while we ate and drank all the things. The end.

Okay, just kidding. Not the end. But, we did eat and drink all the yummy things at the event, and here are some photos of my favorites! You still have time to check it out as the event is DECEMBER 28-30th. Get tickets HERE!

I was really excited about True Food Kitchen being at the event as we just love their food and go to the Newport Beach location often. There were so many booths to choose from with wonderful music and friendly people, too. I can't wait for Sip & Savor 2020 already!

Frozen is currently at the Hollywood Pantages Theater and they were a wonderful sponsor of today's event. If you haven't seen the show, you must! It's so amazing! Jeff and I have now seen it 3 times (once in Denver during previews and twice in New York on Broadway). If you can get tickets, run - don't walk - to see it! You can see in my cute video from today a little fun we had at the Frozen booth!

The Mariachi Divas are so fun and talented. We loved seeing them all around the event performing. They even broke out into It's A Small World for some of the kiddos and for me, too

We also got to see the incredible floats being decorated with flowers, seeds and plants for the Rose Parade for January 1st! I have ALWAYS wanted to see this in person, and it was fascinating! You will even see a photo below of our names written on little vials. Those will be used in the CAL POLY float! So basically our names will be ON THE FLOAT, which means we kind-of-sort-of will be on the float, too! You can see more in the video!

Okay, let's talk food! There was so much food. Much of it I couldn't eat due to food intolerances, BUT Jeff did enjoy a lovely slice of pizza. And we went back to True Food Kitchen for seconds. The food and drinks below happen to be our favorites from the event... but there was MUCH MORE FOOD than seen below.

Food... glorious Food!


Kale Salad & Crudités with Herb Hummus & Chia Seed Pudding

These are some of our absolute favorites at the restaurant, so I was pretty stoked about the food they had at the event! (Fun fact: Their chia seed pudding was the first that I had ever tried! I then began making my own, and you can see a recipe for Plain Chia Seed Pudding, Pumpkin Pie Chia Seed Pudding and Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding. All inspired by True Food Kitchen!)


Hard Kombucha

I found this Hard Kombucha a few months back at another event, and we really liked it, so I was very excited to see their kombucha here at Sip & Savor! I loved each of their flavors, too! YUM! They are all organic and have 0 sugar! Plus they are gluten free and vegan, too!


Chicken with Chimichurri

I never pass up on chimichurri, ever! This was quite tasty!


Blue Spriulina Bowl

This was very tasty and it was also such a beautiful color, too -- thanks to the spirulina (a superfood).


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