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PSL Smoothie + MacroLife Naturals Vanilla MacroMeal

This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own.

PSL season is still going strong! We’ve been making pumpkin spice latte smoothies a few times a week… because why not? This vanilla protein powder from MacroLife Naturals really adds the perfect flavor, protein, fruits, veggies & superfoods!

I LOVE MacroLife Naturals’ MacroMeal because I love the ingredients. They make a dairy-free line as well as a line with dairy so please read ingredients and find the best one for you and your family. They aren't certified gluten-free but they do their own testing to make sure everything is below 20ppm. Their products are non-GMO and contain superfoods, fruits and veggies, too. I love both the chocolate & vanilla MacroMeal flavors whether mixing in the blender with a long list of ingredients like spinach, frozen zucchini, almond butter or just mixing it quickly in a shaker bottle with water or almond milk. You can get it in a large tub or in travel/single serving packets — great for on-the-go or travel. Remember you can always keep things simple -- just use their MacroMeal + your choice of dairy-free milk and boom! You're good to go!

Check out MacroLife Naturals’ MacroMeal on their website or use their store locator to find their amazing product line near you.

I also love their Miracle Reds and Macro Greens! They are great to add in smoothies or even waffles.



1 serving MacroLife Naturals Vanilla MacroMeal

1 cup dairy-free milk

1/2 banana

2 TB cashew butter

2 TB pumpkin puree

1 tsp instant coffee

1 tsp pumpkin pie seasoning

Handful of ice

Blend until smooth and creamy!

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