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Watermelon Pizza

I know what you're thinking... watermelon and pizza? That can't be a good combo. Well, my friend, you are probably right, because I would never put watermelon on my pizza... but I would make a pizza out of watermelon. Confused? Keep on reading!

This was just so refreshing and incredibly flavorful. I do hope you enjoy this recipe!



1 watermelon

6-10 pieces of prosciutto

goat or sheep romano

handful of arugula

sea salt

balsamic drizzle


Cut your watermelon in half to be able to cut an inch-thick round slice. Sprinkle your watemelon with sea salt.

Add your prosciutto all around.

Add some of your grated romano (you could use parmesean shavings, too)

Top it off with your arugula.

Finish it off with your balsamic drizzle and cut into "pizza-like" slices.

Grab a napkin and enjoy!

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