• krysten

You Can Either Make Time For Your Wellness or Your Illness

If you don’t make time for your wellness you’ll be forced to make time for your illness.

Being intentional about the foods you eat, the products you use around your house and on your body and even the stuff you watch on TV is important. When you start to add in a little bit of “poison” here and there it adds up. A little bit of chemicals turns to a lot of chemicals.

It’s not easy to do because now we have to read the ingredients on EVERYTHING. It takes INTENTION & DESIRE to want to avoid specific things that can harm your body and your mind! Whether it’s canola oil, the corrupt media, fragrance, Red dye 40, or MSG (along with a million others things) I don’t want it in my food or in my home. It's even more amplified since having a baby.

Get more sunshine, ditch the plastics, eat more fresh foods, turn off the TV, eat lots of grass fed meats, organic everything whenever possible & toss the toxic cleaning and beauty products. You may not be aware that they are harming you and your family.