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We're A Bunch Of Misfits | POP UP Announcement

BIG NEWS! Hey friends, long time no podcast. I think I might be bringing it back from the podcast graveyard but Michael Jackson Thriller style (that's a fun image in my mind) -- with guests and new episodes on the regular.

There's literally no one else I'd choose to have on my first comeback episode than my good friend Mina from Misfits Bakehouse in Palo Alto. Misfits Bakehouse is a gluten free, grain free, paleo bakery in the Bay Area that makes amazing bread, baklava, cookies, tortillas and so much more. Mina is literally a magician in the kitchen making those of us with special dietary restrictions, food allergies and dietary needs feel normal again. I truly mean that.

Trust me when I say that it will be LOVE at first bite of anything that Mina creates. And he's just an awesome guy, too.

By the way, what are you doing on Saturday, January 30th? Nothing? Cool -- now you have plans! Misfits Bakehouse x Krysten's Kitchen POP UP EVENT is happening this Saturday in Palo Alto for delicious food, baklava, my cookbook and social distanced air hugs. See the graphic below for all the details. PREORDERS start Thursday (January 1/28) at noon for pick up on Saturday at the bakery! I hope to see you there!

who: YOU at Misfits Bakehouse

what: delicious food inspired by a recipe from my new cookbook, EAT REAL FOOD

where: Palo Alto, CA

when: January 30th 12-2pm

why: because FOOD, duh! & for funsies!


If you aren’t local, you can still order lots of goodies including tortillas, cookies, baklava, focaccia bread & my cookbook etc for NATIONWIDE SHIPPING — Click here to order. Use discount code KRYSTEN at checkout. (Not an affiliate code he just loves me so dang much HAH and loves YOU, too)