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Ultimate Christmas Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Do you love Christmas? Do you know someone who does? This is the list you must see because, as a lover of all things Christmas, this is the kind of stuff Santa lovers need to be able to celebrate the best and most joyful holiday all year long.

Let me start off by saying, Christmas is my favorite! I put up my tree early, leave it up as long as I can (it’s been up through March a few times) and we even use our Christmas mugs year round. But, if you want to enjoy a little bit more of all things St. Nick and Christmas cheer then you’ll find some amazing things on this list in all price ranges that you can use all year long.

Yes, I may be an extreme Christmas lover, but what’s wrong with some extra Holiday cheer throughout the whole entire year! Don’t be a grinch… instead, check out these fun Christmas items you can use year round for some extra jolly good fun. So, whether you’re buying these goodies for yourself or gifting them to your Christmas fanatic loved ones, now is the time to buy so that you can celebrate even after Santa returns to the North Pole.

First and foremost, a few reminders about Christmas throughout the year:

  • You can watch Christmas movies all year long. They will play 365 days a year!

  • You can use Christmas cookie cutters year round. They work in other months, not just December.

  • You can wear a Christmas shirt, leggings, use Christmas mugs and listen to holiday music whenever you’d like.

  • You don’t have to cram it all into 31 days. Okay, now that the housekeeping rules are out of the way, let’s get to the fun holiday gift guide.



I’m obsessed with Goldsheep’s amazing line of sports bras and leggings. They have an incredible holiday line, and you can totally rock them year round. Why not get Santa leggings and wear them in July? I think it’s a magical idea, and you will definitely see me rocking my Goldsheep holiday activewear all year long. Click here to order.

Christmas Phone Cord

I love this adorable phone cord that lights up when you charge your phone. It brings instant joy as soon as you plug your phone in. The colorful lights will brighten your desk area, nightstand or anywhere you plug it in. Click here to order.


My bathroom smells like Santa dropped a nice big sack of joy. If you spray before you go, no one else will ever know, so why not stock up on their holiday scents and keep your bathroom smelling like the North Pole? They have an amazing line of toilet sprays which are made with natural ingredients and really work. It will smell like you pooped a Christmas tree all year long. Buy a few extra bottles to have on hand throughout the year. Click here to order.


If you follow me on Instagram, you surely know that I love my peppermint mocha dairy free coffee creamer from nutpods. Every December I stock up and buy lots and lots to have on hand that typically will last me until August or September. Then I only have to wait a few months before it’s released again for the holiday season. You can do this with any holiday featured flavor from your favorite brand so long as the expiration date is a few months out. Don’t forget to stock up on your favorites! Click here to order.


I really love this zero sugar, keto-friendly syrup which is great for baking, waffles, pancakes or even a splash in your coffee. This year they have tasty flavor for the holidays: Chocolate Peppermint holiday syrup. It has a long shelf life which will last you throughout the rest of the year until the next holiday season. Stock up! Click here to order.

Santa Mug

I don’t know about you, but I sure love using my Disney Christmas mugs all year long. It might seem small, but they bring a lot of joy when making my coffee in April, August or any day of the year. Check out this adorable Christmas mug you can use your round. Click here to order.

Christmas Candle

Did you know that holiday candles will burn anytime of the year? Amazing, right? My absolute favorite holiday candle is from White Oak Pastures. They make a candle called “sweater weather”, and this year I will make sure that I have enough extras to last me until Santa comes next year. I love this amazing zero waste farm because they literally use everything from the animal, including the tallow to make their candles. Holiday scents available December 1st! Click here to order.

Holiday Essential Oils

Did you buy any or plan to buy any holiday essential oil‘s? Well, here’s a good chance to stock up on a few extras so that you can smell candy cane or a special blend from your favorite essential oil company any time of the year. I really love this set from Now Foods, and I’m excited to be able to use it even after the Christmas season is over. Click here to order.


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