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I'm A Social (Introverted) Butterfly

I thought I would introduce myself to anyone that’s new but also share some things about me that you might not know. Hi! My name is Krysten! I am a married cat mama of 2!

📕I love conferences, learning and seeing what I can do better with my blog, recipes and social media to better serve you & so that I can eventually do this 💯 full time. 😎I’m super extroverted & social. I’ve been this way my whole life. Even though I’m outgoing sometimes I just want to sit by myself at lunch. Sometimes I just don't feel like talking to anyone. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to be quiet, be alone & enjoy my own company. So basically -- I love people but also love to be at home in my pjs.

🍴We often get in a food funk. The “what do you want for dinner” “I don’t know what do you want for dinner” happens often in our house. Can you relate? °o° When I hear “DISNEY” my ears perk up. This happens often where my hubby & I will be mid conversation & someone at another table or walking by us will say “DISNEY” - without even thinking I'll perk up and Jeff will start laughing! HAH! It’s second nature. I always have DISNEY on the brain. ✨I love makeup & love highlight. I want my highlight to be seen from outer space.

It's nice to meet you and welcome to my blog, Krysten's Kitchen! I'm excited you're here and hope you find lots of yummy things on my site. Check out my recipes, here.

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