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How Your Kids Can Talk To The Real Santa This Christmas

I got to talk to Santa at the North Pole and it was the coolest thing ever. The fact that Santa made time during his busy holiday schedule to video chat with me was super special. Guess what? You and your kiddos can schedule a video chat with him, too!

Here's a video of our chat together. You can schedule a call with Santa or Mrs. Claus here. They will read a Christmas story to your kids, have a fun conversation with them and even show you what the elves are up to at the toy shop! He knew that I'm expecting my first baby, he knew about my brand new book, Together For Christmas and even that I told the Disney Princesses that I was pregnant!

Even as a big kid, I had such a blast and I know you will, too. I know the past two years have been anything but the norm and this is a great way to get to have some quality time with Santa, himself. You'll get about 15 minutes to talk to him, he will even send you the video for you to save. There's no waiting in line at the mall, face makes or 90 seconds of Santa time that you might get normally. This is totally worth every penny for you and your family.

I highly recommend scheduling a little chat with Santa at!

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