• krysten

HOW To Change Your Mindset Around Birth

Question: How many people are in this photo?

Answer: There are 3 people in this photo. I was pregnant but didn’t know it just yet.

If you would have asked me if I was afraid of birth back in August I would have said YES - of course! Ask me now and the answer is: I’m not afraid.

I’ve had to unlearn much of what we are told and delete everything from my brain of what we’ve seen on TV/Movies about pregnancy and birth because they have it all wrong. They have created a FEAR CENTERED MINDSET when it comes to pregnancy, labor and birth and it’s very frustrating.

Educating myself, learning and asking questions about everything that I possibly can with this whole process has changed my mindset and more importantly taken away fears surrounding it all. There’s still the unknown but I’m not scared of it anymore. I’m actually quite excited about birthing this baby boy. It’s definitely the competitive side of me hah.

Tips: If you’re afraid… Read! Read! Read! The more you know the less there is left to the unknown. Ask questions! Watch positive birth videos (there are tons on instagram). Don’t listen to negative or scary birth stories and be ready to politely ask someone to not share their scary birth story with you. Have a birth plan and find something that helps / relaxes you. I love the Christian Hypnobirthing Tracks (and course).

KNOW and BELIEVE that your body was MADE to do this & KNOWS HOW to do this.