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Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese | Disneyland Recipe

The Festival of Holidays is back at Disneyland's California Adventure! From now until January 6th you can eat all kinds of foods from 8 different booths. There is so much to choose from and many vegetarian, plant based and kid friendly options, too.

One item in particular caught my eye. This Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese (vegetarian) from the Favorite Things Booth looked incredible. While I don't eat gluten and don't eat much dairy, I kind of wanted to try it knowing that my hubby would certainly devour it, even though he pretty much avoids gluten and dairy, too. So we got it, I took a bite and right away knew that I could make this at home.

While my version isn't dairy free, you could certainly sub any dairy free Mac & Cheese and make this!

I used Banza's Gluten Free Elbow's & White Cheddar (made from chickpeas) to make this copy cat recipe as well as a combo of NutCrumbs and Watusee Foods Chickpea Crumbs with fresh herbs and it was super easy to do.

I'm all about trying to figure out ways I can eat the foods that I miss or perhaps recreating family recipes or recipes that I see in the parks or at restaurants. You won't have any "FOMO" (fear of missing out) with this tasty gluten free version of Disney's Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese.



1 box Banza's Gluten Free Elbow's & White Cheddar

1/3 cup gluten free crumbs*

1 tsp olive oil

2 TB fresh herbs (a mix of rosemary, thyme and sage)

*I have made this with just Watusee Foods Chickpea Crumbs and NutCrumbs Original NutCrumbs (use code KRYSTENSKITCHEN at checkout) and both are great. I like this recipe best when I mixed them together. Use what works best for your family.


Prepare pasta per directions on the box.

While pasta is cooking, chop fresh herbs until fine.

In a small skillet, add 1tsp olive oil, crumbs of choice and fresh herbs and toast for about 2 minutes.

Finish making Mac & Cheese and top with toasted crumbs and herbs. Top with desired amount of sea salt and serve.

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