• krysten

Health Update: September

The good news is my hair is growing back + some good news at the end of this post! After 4 years of working on my hair loss, my ferritin is finally at a good number. There is no “bad news” but it did take 4 years to get my iron and ferritin in check. You can read more about my hair loss here.

I will write a longer post on the blog later but long story short, a few weeks ago I went to the doc and we did a bunch of lab work because so much has been going on (see past health updates about getting off birth control, weight gain from getting off birth control etc.) All in all my lab work was GREAT … but my testosterone is high (thank you PCOS). It’s not anything alarming because it happens with PCOS but it is something that we are working on. The GREAT news (besides my overall lab work looking awesome) is that my FERRITIN levels are ON POINT! I wrote a blog post awhile back (READ THAT HERE) on my blog and read about my journey with losing my hair. I honestly thought it was aging… at 27. I was way off. Now my ferritin levels are normal and my hair is growing back (hallelujah). Still working on everything else but I do have MORE GREAT NEWS (for now because who knows what could happen next month)…. I GOT MY PERIOD BACK! Of course it came at the worst time (in the middle of a trip — how rude!) This is big news because I haven’t had it since May and while that can be “normal” after getting off birth control, it’s not great either. That was the main thing we (my amazing doc & I) have been working on right now! I mean we will see if it comes next month… who knows. It’s fun and exciting and scary and crazy and (insert all the emotions here). Only God knows what our future holds but we’re taking this one step at a time.