• krysten

Happy Healthier Holidays - Family Recipes from Krysten's Kitchen

It's the most tastiest time of the year... there is so much to eat during the holidays right? Stuffing, pie, cake, holiday cookies, mashed potatoes and more.

Honestly like 90% of it, I can't eat unless I make it myself and that's how this collection of recipes came together. I wanted to eat what everyone else was eating but using ingredients that I could actually eat, tolerate and enjoy.

The holidays are my favorite time of the year but goodness it's hard thinking of our loved ones who aren't with us anymore. Having just lost my grandma a few weeks ago, the holidays already feel overwhelming and quite tough to think about. Food plays a role in comfort but not in a way that you would think.

Thinking about all the amazing recipes that my grandma made during the holidays makes me miss her even more but being able to continue to make them for my family even though she isn't here anymore gives me a bit of comfort. It's like another piece of her is still with us.

There are 25 recipes in this ebook that will cover you during the holidays: traditional side dishes, desserts, soup, breakfast and even a cute DIY Thanksgiving craft! Check it out, here.