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Delicious Chocolate Berry Milk With Benefits For You & Your Family | Macrolife Naturals

In March I attended Expo West, the largest natural products expo in the world and stopped by to visit my friends at Macrolife Naturals! This year they won 9 awards for the line of products and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of them. One of the best parts of these food shows, besides seeing all of my favorite people in the industry is eating and drinking all the things. I know that when I pop by booths like Macrolife Naturals, I can also be guaranteed to get something good into my belly like some sips of their MacroMeal!

At the time of the expo I was 36 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t help but get excited about drinking samples of their Macro Coco Greens and Macro Berri Reds for kiddos. Knowing that in a few years, my sweet baby boy will get to taste these and hopefully love them as much as I do is pretty cool. I had this idea to mix the flavors together, too because chocolate and berries go so great together and goodness it’s a hit. You can easily make this at home with their Macro Coco Greens & Macro Berri Reds. Here’s an easy recipe for you to try — something the whole family will love!

Macro Coco Greens: No wheat grass, alfalfa, oat, kamut, rye. No soil based organisms. No kelp, bee pollen, garlic, onion, or MSG. All ingredients are NON-GMO. Contains NO yeast, egg, artificial coloring, alcohol, or preservatives. NO salt, starch, maltodextrin, wheat, gluten, corn, stabilizers, pesticides, herbicides or dairy animal products. It’s an all-natural chocolatey super “greens” multi-vitamin drink mix. There are NO common allergens or other harsh ingredients. With it’s chocolatey taste, it’s a great way to ensure your children are getting the vital nutrition they really need!

Macro Berri Reds: No wheat grass, alfalfa, oat, kamut, rye, no soil-based organisms, kelp, bee pollen, garlic, onion, MSG, GMO’s, yeast, egg, artificial coloring, alcohol, preservatives, starch, maltodextrin, wheat, gluten, corn, stabilizers, pesticides, herbicides or dairy animal products. This one is an all-natural fruit/berry flavored multi-vitamin drink mix. FREE OF wheat, gluten, corn, stabilizers, pesticides, herbicides or dairy animal products. It does contain 19 Organic Super Fruits and Berries!

Here’s the worlds easiest recipe for you — and feel free to use 1/2 a scoop instead of a full scoop if you prefer. Your kids can help!



1 scoop Macro Coco Greens

1 scoop Macro Berri Reds

8 to 10 ounces dairy-free milk

Directions: pour a cold glass of almond milk or dairy-free milk alternative and mix in a scoop (or 1/2 a scoop) of both the greens and reds. Mix with a hand frother (like this one) or blend in a blender. Enjoy immediately!


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