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Birthday Cake Latte | Paleo, Gluten Free & Vegan

I hope it’s someone’s birthday today because I am celebrating with this easy birthday cake latte complete with sprinkles… well kinda (read about the sprinkles LOL below). I made this the other day & I’m excited to share it with you.

If it’s your birthday or birthday month then happy birthday to you! If not then I wish you a very merry un-birthday! If it's not your birthday today then I sincerely wish you a very merry un-birthday.

Recipe notes: you could use regular coconut butter instead of roasted coconut butter. You could also use NuNaturals Pourable Stevia Maple Syrup instead of real maple syrup. You could also omit the collagen to make it vegan.

Also, I highly encourage you to not use your plastic blenders for anything hot. This means, you shouldn't blend your coffee in the blender until it gets hot (I used to do that) and you shouldn't pour hot coffee in it to blend with anything either. When plastic gets hot, the chemicals leach out into whatever you're making. Make sure you always rinse with room temperature water as well. You can read more about why we limit plastic use, here.



1 cup room temp water

1 TB cashew butter

1 TB roasted coconut butter

1/2 TB maple syrup

2 scoops collagen peptides

1 packet Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee*

Optional: Vanilla nutpods coffee creamer frothed or poured on top & Supernatural Sprinkles

*Don’t have this coffee? Use room temperature black coffee in place of water.

Directions: Place all ingredients in the bender & blend until smooth. Pour the blended mixture into a sauce pot & heat or mug & microwave (we personally try to avoid the microwave but you do you). Froth the nutpods & pour over latte. (I use this frother)

SPRINKLES —> Okay so you can totally add sprinkles on top BUTTTT they may sink to the bottom. I used some cute Supernatural Sprinkles on top & then then sunk & I had a nice surprise at the bottom of my latte when I had my last sip.

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