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7 Ideas For Left Over Coffee

Left over coffee? Who would do that? You’re probably wondering, “Why on earth would anyone have leftover coffee?” However, just in case some of you do, I thought I would give you a few fun ideas on how to use your leftover coffee! If you don’t have any leftover, then consider brewing a pot of coffee just to make some of these fun things.

I don’t know how much coffee you drink, but we drink about 2 cups a day. Sometimes I go for a third depending on how early I wake up, but each day is different and exciting in the coffee department.

I like my coffee a certain way. I’m picky, and if I am out of my collagen creamer I really would rather skip the java. I make a mushroom coffee everyday (discount code: KrystensKitchen) with collagen, collagen creamer and add nutpods dairy-free liquid creamer to my frother and make it extra foamy. I also love this vegan powered coffee creamer, too. Try any of these dairy free milk options, too.

My hubby prefers to make coffee with his fancy French press every day, and sometimes I use his leftover coffee to make any of the following:

  1. Coffee Cubes: If you’re not doing this then you’re doing iced coffee wrong! Freeze leftover coffee in an ice cube tray! Pop them out, and put in your iced coffee. Traditional ice cubes (you know — made with H2O) water down your coffee (gross!) which is not fun. I prefer to use my coffee ice cubes with some almond milk poured over so that as the coffee cubes melt, the flavor gets stronger and richer.

  2. Spruce Up Your Overnight Oats: Next time you make oatmeal, replace 1/2 of the water or milk of choice with some cold coffee. Maybe even add some chocolate chips, too.

  3. Coffee Popsicles: Put that popsicle mold to use. Mix in some milk of choice and even some fun flavors (pumpkin spice, cinnamon, cocoa or caramel sauce) and pour into a popsicle mold. The flavor possibilities are endless and that coffee popsicle will give you the caffeine boost you need and cool you down in the afternoon.

  4. Reheat It: Okay, hear me out, coffee snobs! I know it’s not the same as fresh coffee, but in a pinch and also to save money, reheat your coffee and move on with your day. You will be fine.

  5. Chia Seed Pudding: Like having cold brew in the oatmeal, try a fancy adult version of chia seed pudding. Use cold brew and a little milk of choice the next time you make this yummy breakfast. Top with a little chocolate or hemp seeds and bam! Breakfast and java all-in-one.

  6. Add It To A Smoothie: This is really a great idea, because if you like chocolate protein powder or chocolate smoothies, then adding a little coffee will not only put a pep in your step, but it will also taste like a mocha… and mochas are delicious!

  7. Use It In Baked Goods: My grama Winnie taught me to do this when I was a little girl, and now I never make a chocolate cake without using coffee. Use leftover coffee in place of water or liquid for baking (especially chocolate cake, brownies or muffins). It will enhance the chocolate flavor, and most people can’t pinpoint that the cake or dessert is made using coffee, but can tell that the chocolate cake is richer than what they are used to. It’s pretty delicious!

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