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2018 Holiday Gift Guide + Stocking Stuffers

It’s that time of year again — only 35 days until Christmas! I have been counting down since July! I normally think about holiday gifts year round and just buy goodies when I see them so that it’s not so overwhelming during Christmastime, but this year I haven’t done so good with that. I honestly don’t know where 2018 went, BUT it’s coming to an end. I hope your year was filled with happy memories and lots of time with family and friends.

Buying gifts doesn’t have to stress you out. I have compiled a few items in different categories for you: stocking stuffers, kitchen gadgets, beauty, misc, books, health and wellness, Disney and eco friendly. I am sure you find some amazing things on this list for your loved ones — or yourself! HAH!

Some of these will be on SALE for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so be sure to check back on this Gift Guide and see what’s on sale.


These make great stocking stuffers, coworker gifts, or secret Santa presents.

I honestly didn’t know I needed these until I bought some. I use them all the time and actually tend to drink more water when there’s a straw involved. They come in different colors and often sell out, so if you see them available, grab them! ORDER HERE

These labels aren’t only adorable, but they are so handy! If you’re a mama, then you probably know how easy it is for clothing articles, toys and lunch box items to get lost at school or daycare. If you like it then you shoulda put a label on it. Don’t lose anything anymore! You can customize the cutest labels and tags ever! My favorite labels are called “Wash Aways” because you can label mason jars and containers of food, throw them in the dishwasher or hand wash them and the label disappears and disintegrates. Magic! These cute stocking stuffers are great for all the kiddos and even your furry friends. You can create 6 sets (all different names) for $30. They have labels for everyone and everything! ORDER HERE

It’s important that you fill your stockings with healthy chapsticks that work and that are made with the best-of-the-best ingredients. ra goods makes the best chapstick that will prevent your dry winter lips. Make sure your lips are always mistletoe ready with their peppermint and sweet orange chapstick! If you’ve never placed an order before on ra goods, use code KRYSTENSKITCHEN for a discount! Their essential oils and everything else they make are all fabulous. I recommend it all! ORDER HERE

I ask my husband for these every year in my stocking. Last year there were at least 6 in my stocking, I must have been a very good girl all year! HAH I use them on my whole face, but mainly my under eyes. They help with dark circles, plus they are super moisturizing. I use them on dry spots on my face, lips, eyes and love their products. ORDER HERE

Every year, my Mom, Hubby and I always add these to each others stockings! Lively Up makes the best breath mints and they make the perfect stocking stuffers. They are made with clean ingredients including chlorophyll and are very minty, which we love! You can buy them online or at your local Sprouts, Mother’s Markets or Whole Foods! ORDER HERE

This is a MUST-HAVE for every single home! If you don’t have this in your bathroom, then your bathrooms must smell terrible. Seriously! Spray Poo Pourri in the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know! My favorite scent is the Merry Spritzmas, and we use this scent all year long since we always buy extra during the holiday sales. I promise that you will never go # 2 without it ever again. These make great house warming gifts, stocking stuffers or gag gifts that everyone will laugh at and then envy! ORDER HERE

When I’m not home to use my fancy milk frother that Santa brought me last year, I bring this little hand held magic milk frother with me when I travel. I have busted it out at the airport, at a coffee shop, on a plane and at a conference and it always gets the job done! I add collagen to my coffee and sometimes coconut butter, so this little frother really mixes it all well when I’m on-the-go! ORDER ONE

You have probably seen this all over social media or my Instagram stories and Instagram feed. You probably wanted to try them, but maybe you didn’t know where to start or didn’t want to buy the whole canister when you just wanted a taste. Well - Vital Proteins has a great holiday sampler pack that is not only great for stocking stuffers, but also if you just want to give them a try! You get 5 stick packs, 1 of each: Collagen Peptides, Matcha Collagen, Vanilla Collagen Creamer, Coconut Collagen Creamer and Mocha Collagen Creamer. I will not drink my coffee if I am out of their collagen creamers — I refuse! This is a great time to try! ORDER ONE

There’s nothing like Grammy’s caramels. My great grandma (also known as grammy) used to make the best homemade caramel and always had them ready for us until she passed away in her mid-90s. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t eat her caramels anymore due to my food intolerances and because I don’t eat any cane sugar. I found the next best thing to my Grammy’s caramels and they are paleo, dairy free, grain free, nonGMO and AIP. They taste so delicious and are made with clean ingredients that I can eat. They remind me of my grammy and make a sweet stocking stuffer for your loved ones. ORDER ONE



These gifts are great for the foodies in your life! They will make your life easier in the kitchen and work really well!

We had a love-hate relationship at first, and I was scared of my Instant Pot for a while, but now we’re friends, and I love how quick and easy it is to make delicious meals in the Instant Pot! You can make an 8 hour slow cooker meal in under 30 minutes! This is a popular must-have… everyone wants one for sure! ORDER ONE

This has made the list every single year that I have had a gift guide. This is an adjustable rolling pin from Joseph/Joseph. The little colorful discs are removable on either side and can easily be changed to adjust the size of what the rolling pin will roll out. After using this rolling pin, all my crackers, cookies, and anything else I have rolled out have been uniform in size... and that makes me a happy baker! ORDER ONE

One of my must-have gifts that I recommend for any coffee lover! If you, or someone you know loves a delicious frothy latte, then this is a hit! I use mine every single day to add froth to my latte and I no longer spend $6+ on lattes anymore. True story! Santa (aka my hubby) gave me one of these last year for Christmas, and it’s been one of my favorite presents ever! ORDER ONE

Air Fryer - $81

I finally got an air fryer this year, and I must say that we love it! We use it very often (at least 2 times a week, or more). It makes THE BEST salmon, french fries, chicken, meat balls and so much more. I searched high and low and did a lot of research before I bought mine because I wanted it to be made in the USA and dishwasher safe. I highly recommend an air fryer for Christmas, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Some are pricey and others aren’t This one is good quality and a good price. You can try THIS ONE if you want something fancier and pricer. ORDER ONE


Here are some presents that are great for the ones who are

obsessed with beauty.

I have been wanting one of these for years and years! I am not joking! I finally found one that I loved and bought it… and it was the best decision! My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner. It’s a great space saver, too! I love that this one holds many earrings and long necklaces. It also locks and is a great full length mirror! ORDER ONE

To this day, this is by far my favorite body scrub. It’s a must for anyone in your life. I promise that once you try these coffee scrubs you will never love another scrub as much as Boss Babe Body scrubs. I have been using their scrubs since they launched in 2014 and use them 2-4 times a week on my entire body - from my nose to my toes! This scrub helps with circulation, cellulite, psoriasis, eczema, acne scars, stretch marks, dry skin and more. It has done amazing things for my face by clearing up old scars and discoloration. You will feel so pampered when scrubbing with this amazing scrub. Your skin will feel softer than it’s ever felt, AND this scrub is so affordable, you can buy it for everyone in your entire family! ORDER ONE

ra goods - from $3 - $16

I honestly recommend anything from ra goods! Their chapstick, toners, linen spray, body scrubs, lotions, anything and everything on their site is a wonderful gift. I love their oil diffuser necklaces that are all handmade. They are so pretty and very beneficial. Just put a few drops of the desired essential oil on it, wear it and enjoy the benefits of that specific oil! ORDER SOME

I use this every day! I do not leave the house without my perfect winged eyeliner! It’s so easy to use once you get the hang of it. It just takes a few times in the beginning to get the placement right. Then it’s like riding a bike - perfect every time! I have used the Vampstamp since it launched a few years ago and haven’t looked back! If you know anyone who loves to glam it up or just enjoys a small cat eye, then this is the purrrrfect gift! I use the medium size but they are all great! ORDER ONE


These don’t have a specific category BUT they are great gifts!

I bought one of these for my husband at least 5 years ago and, man, did it change his life! No more big bulky keys that cut holes in his jean pockets! You can literally go from a big bulky key chain to a sleek, easy-to-use key chain! This is a great gift for anyone, can be a good stocking stuffer or present in general. ORDER ONE

I love oil diffusers and have them all over the house. I no longer use candles (mainly because I am afraid leaving candles with an open flame alone and because of the fake chemicals and fragrances), and use oil diffusers in our room, the living room, bathroom counter, the car and in our entry way. In our room I use oils that help with sleep and relaxation, while in the living room or office area I use brighter smelling oils that help with concentration and keep me alert and awake! ORDER ONE

Yes, this is a great gift, and I only have a few left! You can carry your groceries in it, use it in place of plastic bags or shopping bags, and it’s cute, too! Get one while there are still some left! Use code FREESHIP for free shipping! ORDER ONE

I refuse to travel without my packing cubes! They save room, help with organization and you can bring more with you wherever you go! We got them last year for our trip to Europe and managed to pack in one large suitcase for 25 days! I mean, of course we had to do laundry once, BUT I honestly don’t ever travel without them now… and we travel a lot! Whether you are packing just a carryon or a couple of suitcases, these come in handy! Plus you can take them out of your luggage and put them right into the drawers at the hotel, and everyone in the whole family can get their own color so you can keep everyone organized and color coordinated! ORDER ONE

Hip Pack - $29

True story: a brand offered me one of these with their logo on it at a food expo, and I was hesitant since I haven’t used a fanny pack in years and years. BUT I said “yes” because 1) it was adorable and 2) I wanted to love the fanny pack again because they really are so handy, especially at expos, theme parks and even just going to the store! YES - It was the best decision, and now I want them in different colors! I love that this brand is size-inclusive and they really are great quality! Get you a fanny pack this holiday season…. or get your mom friends one! ORDER ONE

Replica Surfaces - Price Varies

This is such an amazing gift for any photographers who do product photography and food photography, Replica Surfaces makes realistic backdrops that are ultra thin, high quality, light weight and easy-to-clean! They really will change your photo game and it's honestly the best investment I have made for my blog. ORDER ONE


These books have been my favorite this year, and one remains on

the list because it’s a great book, and I love it forever.

This book was on my list last year, too. It will probably be on my list next year and the year after that. I could literally write a whole book about how much I loved this book. If you have celiac disease, know someone who does, or even if you’ve never heard of it, then you need to read this book. It is so informative, detailed, funny and 100% honest. Erica Dermer, of Celiac and The Beast, wrote this book in hopes of helping others, and boy do I think this book would help so many people. I literally laughed so hard and aloud on a plane while reading it. I felt her struggle, got angry when hearing about the misinformation about gluten and Celiac disease, and just felt as if she was sitting next to me telling her story. This is a MUST this Christmas. I promise that you will love this book, learn a lot and feel as if you have known Erica for a lifetime. I am very fortunate to know Erica (hey girrrl, heyyyyyy) and reading this book feels like she’s talking to you and having a conversation with you! ORDER ONE

I just got this book a few months ago. As a Walt Disney lover, cook book lover, Disneyland lover and foodie, it’s like this book was made just for me! This book is filled with Disney food history, recipes, photos and so much more. It’s so beautifully written and organized. You can read about the old restaurants that were at Disneyland way back when, see old menus (like menus where it only cost 10 cents for a cup of coffee and 75 cents for a steak dinner - no joke!) and read about Walt’s favorite restaurants in the LA area! One of them we have been to many times and love — The Tam O’shanter! If you love Disney, love Walt, love Disneyland then you will LOVE this book. ORDER ONE

Honestly I recommend them all. The newest of the bunch is “The Whole30 Slow Cooker: 150 Totally Compliant Prep-and-Go Recipes for Your Whole30 ― with Instant Pot Recipes” and it’s phenomenal! All of her books are so helpful and to be honest this book could go in the health and wellness category below as well. The WHOLE 30 has changed people’s lives. It’s helped people all over with their relationship with food and so much more. Jeff and I eat a mix between Paleo and Whole30 99% of the time. It’s easy, it’s tasty and with Melissa’s books you will surely succeed and have all the tools you need! ORDER ONE

This book is everything. It launched in March and I bought 5 copies, passed some around, used them as gifts and learned so much. Honestly, I learned more than I ever thought possible. If you are eating clean but cooking your food on bad-for-you-cookware or using bad detergents on your dishes and in your dishwasher or storing your food in the wrong containers, you are doing more damage to your body and to your family than you will ever know! You can read more about it on my book review HERE, and put this on your wish list or gift it to everyone you know and love. This is truly a gift of HEALTH. ORDER ONE

I met Megan and Coral about a year ago and immediately I knew we would be friends. They have a love for helping others with food allergies and wanted to make a ONE OF A KIND cookbook that fits every household no matter your food allergies. They wanted to make a cookbook that was for the picky eaters, those with food allergies and intolerances, celiac disease, diabetes or even for those that don't always have all of the ingredients needed! This cookbook is amazing, so well done, easy to use and has great recipes! This is a great book for anyone who loves to cook and was created by two amazing, boss-babe mamas with so much love! ORDER ONE

Hooked on Hollywood is wonderfully done interviews with Hollywood performers and filmmakers. This is a great gift for the movie lover, old Hollywood history lover, and Leonard Maltin fans everywhere. I love Hollywood history… if you’re like me, than this is the perfect book for you! It's so fascinating -- It’s filled with over 200 rare pictures and incredible interviews with the Hollywood elite that you’ve come to know and love in your favorite films! ORDER ONE


These gifts are based around health and wellness. Giving someone a gift like this

means that you really care about them and their health. I think it’s one

of the best kinds of presents.

Model Meals - Gift Cards $50-$200

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Phoenix - or for your friends and family in those areas, this is a lovely gift. You can gift someone a Model Meals gift card which allows your loved ones to pick and choose the best, tasty, yummy, healthy, Whole30 Approved meals delivered right to their doorstep. You will be giving them the gift of time, health and wellness with Model Meals. We are big fans and haven’t had a meal from them that we did’t love! Model Meals is the no-subscription-required, 100% Whole30/Paleo approved, ready-to-eat, meal prep service you’ve been searching for. Our menu changes weekly, arriving fresh & not frozen, twice a week. You can save $25 off your first order of $40 or more --> ORDER ONE

Life Equals Balance Shots - From $8

It’s funny, as I get older I love gifts like this because I think when someone gives you something in this realm, you know they truly care about your overall wellness. I found this awesome company back in the summertime and fell in love immediately. They make tasty Balance Shots that are a 1/2 day serving worth of fruits and vegetables. I take them with me when I travel since sometimes it’s hard to get in all that you can while on vacation or in another city. They are very yummy, especially after being in the freezer for 15 minutes, and, honestly, this is a great gift for your loved ones, your healthy fit foodie friends and even for yourself! You can use code KRYSTENSKITCHEN for 50% off sitewide: one time orders and subscriptions! ORDER SOME

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides - Price varies

I could write a whole blog about why I love Vital Proteins Collagen and what it’s done for me… oh wait! I did that! You can read it here. And — I could also make a video about how it helped with my hair loss … oh wait! I did that, too! You can watch it here! I’ve taken Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides for a couple of years now, and I take it every single day without fail. I put it in my coffee, in my tea, bake with it, cook with it and everything in between. It doesn’t have any taste and mixes well! If you know someone who is all about their hair, skin, nails, bones and joint health, who is having problems with their hair or just wants to get in that extra protein every day, then this is the perfect gift! You can also check out the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Sampler Box as well. ORDER ONE

Think of this as the gift of savings! Thrive Market has all the great healthy foods that you already love and buy available in their online store, but at a lower cost! We order from Thrive Market every couple of months and stock up on all the goods! I look for their sales and even some of their own brand products, and everything is high quality! Their memberships are a great gift for your loved ones so that they, too, can shop at discounted prices online all year long! If you choose to get this for your family, you can click HERE and get 25% off your first order. ORDER ONE

This is the perfect gift for all your foodie friends! Each set comes with 3 oz bags of Original, Italian, Spicy, and Pumpkin Spice. Nut Crumbs are a bread crumb alternative that can be used in all your favorite recipes. All of their products are gluten-free, paleo, whole30, keto, vegan, dairy and sugar free, and delicious! I like to use them in meat balls, on top of dishes (as a "vegan parmesean" or crumble) or even on desserts! Use code KRYSTENSKITCHEN at checkout. ORDER ONE


These are great for the Eco-Friendly loved ones who want to help the earth by keeping their own health in mind. No plastics, phthalates, parabens or yucky stuff. Reusable goods only — gifts that keep on giving each use after use!

These straws were in my stocking stuffer guide above and, again, I honestly didn’t know I needed these until I bought some. I come from a family of dentists, so I was hesitant to use a plain stainless steel, glass or metal straw because I didn’t want to chip a tooth! I love that there is silicone on top to prevent that from happening! I use them all the time and actually tend to drink more water when there’s a straw involved. They come in different colors and often sell out, so if you see them available, grab them! ORDER ONE

This is one of our favorite, most used cups in our house! Everyone in our family has one of these. We all had to choose different colors so we could identify our own cup! I love the design of it, how much it holds and that it will literally keep your coffee, tea or soup HOT! HOT! HOT! for 12 hours. It will also keep your liquid freezing cold for up to 24 hours, too! My mom uses hers every day and takes it to the office with hot tea. I use mine to make yummy mushroom lattes when we’re on the go, and my husband fills his up with black coffee! This is also a great gift for the traveler as it will keep their beverage hot or cold while they are on the go, sightseeing or just running errands. ORDER ONE

Stasher Bag - Price Varies

We fell in love with Stasher a few years back. Don’t be alarmed by the price tag, as I know they are on the pricey side. Let me tell you since we have invested in these amazing, reusable silicone bags, we hardly use or buy plastic baggies. We have multiple Stasher bags in different sizes and colors. They are great for food and left-overs, snacks on-the-go or even lunches! I even keep my tongue scraper in one when I travel (yes tongue scrapers rule!). I travel with my Vital Proteins travel stick packs, mushroom coffee on-the-go and even nut butters and keep them all in a Stasher Bag. ORDER ONE


Okay - ROLL CALL - Where are all my Disney people at? My name is Krysten (clap clap), I love all things Disney (clap clap), these are my favs (clap clap)…

so check them out!

Oh boy. This book is really a must-have for the kids, for bedtime stories and for every Disney fan. Walt Disney felt as if the fireworks that lit up the sky over the Disneyland castle every night was like “A Kiss Goodnight” to everyone. There is no better way to describe the beloved, beautiful fireworks than just that. Richard Sherman (the incredibly talented composer who I could write a book about) wrote the song “A Kiss Goodnight” for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary in 2015. Floyd Norman is my favorite animator, and he’s so incredibly talented. He and Richard Sherman worked on The Jungle Book (1967) which is my favorite Disney movie ever, and anything they touch is pure gold. This book is really a lovely gift, and it comes with a CD of the song “A Kiss Goodnight” as well. ORDER ONE

This cute clutch comes in 5 different movies to choose from: Aladdin, The Lion King, A Goofy Movie, Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame. It’s such a cute clutch that is a little bigger than the old school VHS movie cases. All of these movies are a way to relive the nostalgia of those Disney classics from when we were kiddos. There are pockets inside for cards and cash, and it will definitely fit your large iPhone XS max! It’s a padded softcover, padded vinyl with a matte satin lining. It’s a part of the “Oh My Disney” ‘90s Flashback Collection. ORDER ONE

Everyone needs Rose Gold ears. Rose Gold is timeless and looks great year round! These ears were so hard to get when they launched, they were sold out everywhere. Disney saw how loved this style really was and brought them back for all to love and enjoy! My sweet friend Erica Dermer (author of Celiac And The Beast) surprised me with a pair when we had dinner together at downtown Disney earlier this year! They are my most worn pair at this point! Now you can get them online and give them to your Disney lovers! ORDER ONE

I found this awesome store at a Disney event over the summer and bought a few pairs of her Disney themed earrings. I have the Disneyland Castle and Little Mermaid INSPIRED earrings. They come in an adorable glass bottle and are great quality. Plus — they are so very cute! There are many styles to choose from and you can get for your loved ones! ORDER ONE


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