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Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles 2018 — Favorite Finds + 10 Tips For Attending

Happy Vegan Street Fair (VSF) recovery week… AKA the week after Vegan Street Fair. It’s a time to drool over all the goodies we ate on Sunday and also chill out after the weekend. The thing that I love about VSF is seeing all of the different restaurants that have booths and are represented with their delicious vegan goodies. There is so much out there to be found and eaten! Don’t forget to look at my 10 tips for attending the VSF at the bottom of this blog!

I had a media pass at The Vegan Street fair on Sunday which allowed me to get in the “fast pass” line at each of the booths. This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I only share my honest opinion. I am writing about my experience at the Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles 2018 and giving you some tips for attending future events.

You don't have to be vegan to attend Vegan Street Fair! You will LOVE all of the food. They have pizza, tacos, mac and cheese, brownies, ice cream, cupcakes, desserts, tacos, burritos, salads, burgers, sandwiches and more.

In an article from Delicious Living, Whole Foods predicted that one main trend we will see is plant based diets and dishes dominating the food world. Also, did you know that 1 in 10 Millennials are Vegan or Vegetarian? Check out the informative infographic from Delicious Living at the bottom of this blog for more facts.

Last year we saw a lot of potatoes at the VSF. This year it was all about Mac & Cheese. The VSF must have been twice as big as last years’ event (or maybe even three times as big), and we looked at every booth to see what they had. Here are some of our favorites from the day:

- Mac & Cheese is my favorite, and there must have been 20 different kinds and options for the popular comfort food. We tried 2 of them and almost got a third before we realized that we were just too full. Both were delicious, though I preferred eating the Gluten Free mac… since, you know, I could actually eat it!

- We also found the best donut in the whole world! I don’t even eat cane sugar (because I am highly intolerant), but I did have to try these vegan donuts from Donut Friend. I had seen them all over Instagram and knew that I had to see what was up. The line must have had 100 people waiting to get their hands on them. No, I did not wait in that line (I was in the fast pass line), but after tasting these donuts, I now know why people were waiting so long. WOWZA! We got an Old Fashion Maple and a mini Strawberry donut.

- I love sparkles, glitter and anything that is shiny. I saw this and HAD to have it! I am not even super in to chai, but it had edible glitter on top so, ya know, priorities! This iced chai with unicorn magical glitter on top was fantastic. It was super refreshing and very sparkly.

GOLDEN CLOUDS - Sparkly Chai

- Of course we love seeing Kathlena (The Allergy Chef) & fam at the Free And Friendly Foods booth. She makes the most amazing cupcakes (Top 8 free & special order for Krysten --> cane sugar free, too), and we are big fans! She made me some with some Smart Sweets Gummy Bears (cane sugar free). And my hubby's favorite is the Lemon Blueberry cupcakes (cane sugar) as seen in photo.

- This Strawberry Rose drink was so refreshing and so tasty AND was the only drink we found (or saw) that didn’t contain cane sugar! It was sweetened with maple syrup. We loved it so much, we got a second one after we finished the first one!

There were also some vendors there that we loved seeing including Kawi Foods, who make the most incredible gluten free, organic, vegan seasoning mixes which you can see here, and Wishgarden Herbs, who make amazing herbal remedies that really work! We love the Kick Ass Immune and many others! You can see them, here.

We cannot wait until next year! If you are in the Southern California area then you must plan on it. Check out to keep up-to-date on their future events all over the country.


My tips for attending Vegan Street Fair:

  1. Use Uber/Lyft, take public transportation or get dropped off — parking is crazy and very limited over there.

  2. Bring a tote bag to carry your goodies. Here’s a super cute one! Bring Stasher Bags or containers to bring some food home with you.

  3. Wear sunscreen! Here are some good options:

  4. Bring sunglasses, a hat and or a light sweater — but always check the weather report prior.

  5. Wear comfortable shoes!

  6. Get there early!

  7. Get items to share with someone (parent, sister, bestie, spouse etc). Then you can try more things and not get too full too fast.

  8. Bring a reusable water bottle, and fill it up at the provided water stations. Stay Hydrated

  9. Save the map and download it to your phone so you can find you favorite vendors.

This post contains affiliate links which means that I, at no additional cost to you, may receive a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase.


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