• krysten

Paleo White Chocolate Drizzle

Okay this is where my Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie game is strong! I wanted to amp up my cookies one night and decided to make this drizzle, and now it’s just how we roll.

It’s so easy to make this white chocolate you will want to put it on everything. Plus, with only 2 ingredients, it’s a piece of cake! Ooooooh - you should totally drizzle it on to some cake!

I doubled this recipe to drizzle over my Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies. Here is the recipe for the cookies.



5 TB of Raw Coconut Butter

8-10 drops of Vanilla Creme Sweet Leaf Stevia Drops


In a bowl, melt the coconut butter over a double broiler. I don’t recommend that you use a microwave… here is how you can use a double broiler at home.

Once melted, add in your stevia drops. Taste and add more if you desire.

If you want to drizzle on cookies or any baked goods, make sure your baked goodies have cooled completely.