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Horiatiki "Pasta" Salad (Traditional Greek Salad)

I am a bit early on Greek Easter, which falls on the same day as regular Easter this year, but I wanted to do a trial run of my side dish that I am making for my family.

Every Greek Easter we gather as a family at the Greek Orthodox church or at someone’s home to break bread & celebrate that Christ has Risen! We eat lots of lamb, traditional Greek dishes and have more fun than you can imagine.

This year, I am making a traditional Greek salad with a twist. Instead of cutting the cucumber, I am spiralizing them to make a “pasta” salad version of this favorite dish. You will notice there is no lettuce in this salad because a Horiatiki (Greek Salad) doesn’t have lettuce in it.

You will need one of the following to make the cucumber noodles, which can both be purchased online and delivered right to your door for convenience:



For this recipe, I used the Spiralizer.

This recipe was more than enough for my husband and I to inhale. I will probably quadruple (or whatever comes after quadruple) this recipe for Greek Easter. You will be surprised at the amount of noodles that come from 2 large cucumbers

I used a favorite dressing of mine from Primal Kitchen Foods. Their Greek Dressing is so tasty. Here's some more information about this awesome dressing from Primal Kitchen's website.



2 large cucumbers

3/4 LB cherry tomatoes

1 medium red onion

1/2 cup Primal Kitchen Foods Greek Dressing

Feta is optional - it’s not Paleo, but it is Greek, so you can make that choice for yourself, and I will 100% support either decision. For WHOLE 30, omit feta.


Wash all of your veggies.

Cut both ends of your cucumber as straight as you can so that it’s easy to spiral on your Spiralizer. Make your cucumber noodles. This will be a little messy and watery from the cucumber and that’s okay. Put noodles into a large serving bowl.

Cut your cherry tomatoes into quarters and add to your cucumbers.

Chop your red onion into small pieces and add to your cucumber and tomatoes. Using tongs, toss until combined.

Measure out 1/2 cup of the Primal Kitchen Foods Greek Dressing and pour over veggies. If you notice that your noodles are pretty long, use some scissors or your hands to “cut” some of the bunches to make it easier to eat.

Toss and serve.

Optional, add the amount of feta of your choice on top and sprinkle with some oregano.

Christos Anesti! (Christ is Risen) Alithos Anesti (He is Risen Indeed)

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