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Holiday Gift Guide 2016 - For the Foodie & the Beauty

I know I should have brought this to you sooner, but there is still time to shop for the Holidays! So, after reading this Holiday Gift Guide, start clicking on the links to shop for all of these items. I divided it into 2 categories: For the Foodie and For the Beauty. I love girly things and makeup, hair stuff, body care, etc. I also love foodie things because, well… I love to cook! But you already knew that... right?

I have written about some of these amazing companies below in the past, but these are truly some of my favorite things. I could add so much more to this list, but here are just a few favs that you should definitely ask Santa for this year or gift to your loved ones. Whether you are a "foodie" or a "beauty" or both, I am sure you will love everything on this Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

I have all of these items and use all of these goodies for myself. I am not being paid by any of these companies to promote their products, and they would all be gifts that I would love to get myself! I only share products with you that I actually love and use myself. Start shopping!

XO Krysten

For the Foodie:

Garlic Tube Peeler - This may just look like an ordinary piece of material, but goodness does this thing really work! We bought this back in April and haven’t gone back to the old way of peeling garlic. You just put a clove of garlic in the tube and rub it between your hands in the motion you would rub your hands together to keep warm. After a few seconds (yes - a few seconds!)the garlic is peeled! This is a great gift for any foodie or garlic lover. We love this tube peeler, and you can buy a 2-pack HERE for $5.89 on Amazon Prime.

Garlic Chopper - This is the best chopper ever! After you peel the garlic with the peel tube, then you chop it in this Cuisinart Chopper! It’s easier and safer than using a knife - especially if you have kiddos helping you in the kitchen. It’s fun for kids (and you) and works it’s magic quickly. For being such a garlic lover, I really hate the smell of garlic on my fingers, so that’s the main reason I love my chopper. You can get a chopper HERE for $18.02 on Amazon Prime.

Adjusting Rolling Pin - Have you ever had a recipe tell you to roll out the dough to some weird fraction and you just always guess at it? Well, guess no more, because this adjusting rolling pin actually measures it for you! I bought this rolling pin when I was making my vegan Cheez-It crackers so that I could get all the crackers to be the same exact size. The little colorful discs are removable on either side and can be easily changed to change the size of what the rolling pin will roll out. After using this rolling pin, all my crackers, cookies, and anything else I have rolled out have been uniform in size... and that makes me a happy baker! You can buy this fabulous rolling pin HERE for $17.06 on Amazon Prime.

The Allergy Chef Cookbooks - We all know someone who has a food allergy. You probably have a food allergy, too. I have food allergies and so do many other people. If you, someone in your family or circle of friends has a food allergy, you are going to want these cookbooks. These cookbooks are designed so that you can find recipes according to your own food allergies. They are the perfect gift for the cook or baker in your family whether they have food allergies or not! Or, buy them for yourself! Each book is $21.95 and you can buy them HERE directly from The Allergy Chef.

Krysten's Kitchen Tees & Totes (shameless plug) - I just launched my brand new Krysten’s Kitchen’s tees that say “Be Real. Eat Real.” as well as matching tote bags that are great for groceries! In California now, we have to bring our own bags, so why not sure a cool tote that is better than all the other totes? I am just saying. Totes and Tees are on sale right now plus you can get free shipping HERE using the code FREESHIP at checkout.

For the Beauty:

Boss Babe Body - Well, this is a must for anyone in your life. I promise, once you try these scrubs you will never love another scrub as much as Boss Babe Body scrubs. I have been using their scrubs since they launched in 2014 and use them 3-4 times a week on my entire body - from my nose to my toes. This scrub helps with circulation, cellulite, psoriasis, eczema, acne scars, stretch marks, dry skin and more. It has done amazing things for my face by clearing up old scars and discoloration. You will feel so pampered when scrubbing with this amazing scrub. Your skin will feel softer than it’s ever felt AND this scrub is so affordable, you can buy it for everyone in your entire family! Use ATH for Free Shipping at

Ra Goods - If you follow me on social media or if you have read any of my blogs in the recent past, you would know that I am incredibly obsessed with the company Ra Goods. Ra Goods is a Georgia based company that sells essential oils, oil blends, hand crafted oil diffuser necklaces, body butter, lip balms and more. I love everything that I have tried from them! I also love that they use real, organic and natural ingredients. Their lip balms are so moisturizing and have been keeping my lips super soft this winter. Their body butters are luxuriously moisturizing, but not greasy. I love to use their body butter after scrubbing with Boss Babe Body coffee scrubs. I also am a huge fan of their oil diffuser necklaces. All of their necklaces are handcrafted and one of a kind. I just put a few drops of the oil of my choice on the back of my necklace, allow it to sit for a few min and then wear my necklace. Their oils have helped me with sleeping and all kinds of other things. You can buy any of the goodies I have mentioned directly from Ra Goods at

The Maybelline Story: And the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It (book) - If you love makeup, the history of makeup, old Hollywood, and a great read, then you must get this book! You will not be able to put it down! Get it for the beauty lover in your family, the Hollywood history lover, the book lover or, come on now, yourself! This true story is written by Sharrie Williams, the great niece of Tom Lyle Williams who is the founder of Maybelline. “An engrossing and captivating saga that spans four generations and reveals the humanity, the glamour, and the seedy underside of a family intoxicated by the quest for power, wealth, and physical perfection. It is a fascinating and inspiring tale of ambition, luck, greed, secrecy—and surprisingly, above all, love and forgiveness, a tale both epic and intimate, alive with the clash, the hustle, the music, and dance of American enterprise.” You can buy this wonderful book HERE for $15.95 on Amazon Prime.

Athena Karsant Skincare - Are you sick of your skincare routine? Are you trying to get rid of all the bad chemicals in your beauty routine? This skincare is clean, made with almost 100% organic ingredients, and even restores elasticity through collagen stimulation. It has no harsh chemicals and is used to preserve and care for permanent makeup. However, people have been using this skincare and loving it so much even if they don't have permanent makeup... so Athena decided to keep it on her website for anyone to purchase. You can purchase any of the skincare HERE on Athena Karsant’s website.


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