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Products: RA GOODS

I am so excited about finding this wonderful company, Ra Goods on Instagram a few weeks ago. Ra Goods makes wonderful essential oils, oil blends, carrier oils, beauty products and homemade diffuser necklaces, bracelets and more.

I am semi-new to essential oils. I love using my oil diffuser every single night with lavender oil in it. I have looked at a bunch of companies that sell essential oils and tools to use with them. I have some oils from other companies and enjoy them, greatly. I love room sprays that use essential oils and smelling all of them at the grocery store, too. But I also love supporting companies that don't just have fabulous products they have great ingredients and people behind them... that's why I love this company.

Learning about all the wonderful uses of essential oils and hearing about how much good they do for so many people, is very important to me. I love to learn about new things, especially when it comes to things that I share with you. Essential oils have so many uses: for headaches, pain, stress and even digestion and they are totally natural remedies that are created by God! I mean, come on now! Natural remedies that work… yup!

Here is what I am super duper most excited about with Ra Goods:

I can’t live without my beautiful handcrafted oil diffuser necklace - see in the photo above! I literally wear it every single day and already ordered 2 more of them (in different styles) because they are just beautiful and so genius! I am looking at a few more as well, and they also make great gifts! (there is a 20% off sale right now too, promo code at the end of blog.)

They have many beautiful styles of necklaces that are all hand painted, crafted and stamped with gorgeous designs. Once you look at all of them HERE you will want every single one. All you have to do is add 1-3 drops of oil on the back of the necklace and allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes. Then wipe (or blot) off any excess (so it doesn’t stain your clothes) and then wear your necklace! So easy and, once again, genius!

I am also truly loving their body care. I have tried so many body products it’s not even funny! I also work in the beauty industry, as well, and it takes a lot to impress me with lotions and potions. Well, I have one of the body butters (Bergamot and Lime), and it’s so luxurious and makes my skin so soft! I suffer from dry elbows (Haha!) and this body butter takes good care of that … and any other skin you smother it on! I love to use my organic coffee scrub (from Boss Babe Body) and then lather myself in Ra Goods body butter! YUM!

Their lip balms are seriously on point! So moisturizing and really helps with chapped lips. Y’all know it’s about to be Winter, which means the drier months are upon us… add the body butter and lip balms to your cart now. They have peppermint and sweet orange lip balms. Both are great! I lick my lips when they get dry - yes I know that isn’t a good thing. I used their lip balm for 5 days straight and prior to trying them out my lips were super dry and chapped. Today my lips are extra soft… even after spending 4 days in smoke-filled Las Vegas! I would say that is called WINNING!

I just think they (Kelly & Kasey) have thought of everything. They have blank nasal inhalers that are so great for on the go. You can take one with you in your purse, on the plane, leave one at the office or keep it in your pocket. You can put whatever essential oil or oil blend you want on the wick and inhale it. The nasal inhalers are great for headaches, nausea, sinus issues and more! Then you don’t have to carry the bottle of essential oil with you…. once again, genius.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the oil blends. Here are a few to highlight:

THE MOTHER - great for headaches/migraines. We travel a lot, and sometimes being on an airplane gives me a headache. This past trip to Vegas, I wore my necklace and used The Mother blend, and no headaches for me!

FOCUS CINDY - another great oil blend that is for concentration. I was a bit skeptical about if this one would really help me get stuff done. This was the first one I used on my necklace and, goodness, I had a productive day. Plus it smells ahhhhmazing. I love this blend of ravintsara, sweet orange and peppermint and it will snap you back into focus.

DIGESTIVE DRAMA - great for upset stomach, cramps, indigestion and, once again, I love the smell. It’s great if you ate too much or if you are like me and eat something you shouldn’t (food allergies or restrictions) that gives you a tummy-ache. It’s great to use in an oil diffuser or on a necklace. BOOM!

This company is seriously one of my brand new favs that I can’t recommend enough! I don’t post about anything on my blog or social media that I don’t personally use and love myself… I LOVE my Ra Goods products so much! Kelly & Kasey, the beautiful and incredibly genius sisters that started this company really care about making quality products for you to fall in love with. You can just tell there is so much love and care that goes into each and every necklace, bracelet, oil blend, diffuser bowl, body care product etc.

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