• krysten

Apple Pie Smoothie

It's Fall, and that means pumpkin spice everything is in the air. For me, however, apple is what Fall is about. Apple is the original OG of fall scents and flavors, in my opinion. This breakfast smoothie is all about apple, and it totally tastes like apple pie for breakfast.

Recently, I flew up to San Francisco for the day (my hometown and the most beautiful city in the world!) for some dental work. Why would I fly home to go to the dentist, you ask? Because my uncle is my dentist. Anyway, the night before I flew up, I asked my mom if we could pop by Whole Foods Market to get a protein shake or smoothie afterwards because I would be hungry, and my mouth and lips would be numb from the dentist. She said she would bring me a smoothie, instead, and would keep it cold in the cooler.

I got to the dentist, had a blast (sarcasm) and afterwards I was very hungry and forgot that my mom had a smoothie for me. She whipped it out and put a nice big thick straw in it and handed it to me. She told me it was apple pie. I laughed and then took a sip and said, "MOM, THIS IS DELICIOUS!" I told her I had to make this and share it on my blog! Thanks Momma Bear!

Well, she told me what she put in her smoothie. I made it, wrote down the ingredients, and here I am sharing it with you!



1 honeycrisp apple, frozen into slices

1/4 frozen banana

1 stalk celery

1 handfull spinach

1 teaspoon cinnamon*

1 scoop protein powder

1 cup flax milk (or other non dairy milk)

*I love cinnamon like no other, so if you aren't keen on lots of cinnamon, start with 1/2 tsp and taste your smoothie before adding more.


Put all ingredients in your powerful blender (we use a VitaMix) and blend until smooth and creamy.

Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!