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Product: Simple Mills Artisan Bread Almond Flour Mix

My husband and I just love Simple Mills and their entire line of healthy mixes. Everything from their pizza crust mix, to their new cracker line, to their cake mix to their muffin mix is on point. You will love every single bite of whatever you choose to make from Simple Mills and our favorite of them all happens to be the low carb, Artisan Bread Almond Flour Mix. You really feel like you are eating bread and forget that what you are eating is a bread made from almond flour.

If you have food allergies (wheat, gluten, grains, cane sugar, yeast etc.) you will love this bread. I am allergic to sugar cane and yeast and avoid wheat, most grains and much more, making it difficult to find any bread that tastes delicious and that is good for you. Companies like Simple Mills and people like Katlin Smith, the CEO and founder of the company, are making it easier for people like me to enjoy and indulge in delicious foods that have real ingredients that are food allergy friendly!

To learn more about this amazing mix, check out my short video below! Hear about why Katlin, the founder and creator of Simple Mills, decided to start this company and make these amazing mixes that are paleo friendly, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and all kinds of delicious!

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