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Deconstructed Tuna Sandwiches | Blue Harbor Fish Co. (Paleo & Gluten Free)

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I only share my honest opinion.

This recipe is “off the hook!” I’m so grateful for this opporTUNAty to create another recipe with Blue Harbor Fish Co. These adorable tuna “sammies” look like it took a lot of time, but let me tell you something…. this recipe is so simple. It didn’t take much time at all and, goodness gracious, it looks so pretty, too!

If you missed out on my Spring Greek Tuna Salad recipe with Blue Harbor Fish Co. then check that out here. Tuna salad with no mayo? Yes! And it’s even more delicious than you can ever imagine.

This recipe does use mayo, but feel free to use whichever way you like or swap it out with something else that you prefer if you aren’t into mayonnaise.

I really love BHFC because their tuna is just albacore tuna with water and a little sea salt; and they also offer Albacore Tuna in Water, No Salt Added, which is just albacore tuna and water. It’s plain and simple! Nothing else added. It’s just the way it should be — and when you open a can or a pouch of it, you can see all of the big pieces of meat! You can most definitely see the high quality and taste it with each bite. See their products here

For this recipe, feel free to use either the tuna with or without sea salt. You could either use the pouches (3oz) or cans (4.6 oz) but adjust accordingly. If you’re using the pouches, make sure that you just do a little less of the other ingredients.

I love their pouches for on-the-go. They are shelf stable (I like to eat them cold, though but you don’t have to) and are so easy to tear open and stick a fork in it, literally. Very tasty, healthy and easy on-the-go eating!

I will forever say this about Tuna… “Tuna: You either love it, or your mom prepared it wrong when you were a kid!”

NOTES: This recipe makes 8 little open sandwiches. You can cut this recipe in half if you like.

The bottom layer is just your bread of choice. I used a paleo sourdough bread.

The second layers is just avocados.

The third layer is our delicious tuna salad.

The top layer is a wonderful relish.

You can garnish with micro greens or omit them.

I used this round cookie cutter for this recipe because it has high sides to it, so it’s easy to build your cute tuna sandwiches. You could definitely use these stainless steel cookie cutters instead of the other ones.

Let's make lunch, together!



1/4 cup mayonnaise

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

8 slices of bread

1 large avocado

8 cherry tomatoes

3 TB diced red onions*

1 Persian cucumber

Micro-greens - Optional to garnish.

*I prefer this recipe with pickled red onions which you can make very quickly. Simple cut a red onion into thin strips. Place it in a jar and cover it fully with Apple Cider Vinegar. Place it on the counter or in the fridge for at least an hour. Use on salads, in sandwiches or on avocado toast. You could also just dice some red onion for the recipe, and it will taste just as yummy.


Remove tuna from the can and drain tuna water. Add in mayonnaise, salt and pepper and mix. Place in the fridge or set aside while we prepare the “relish.”

Dice cherry tomatoes, red onions and cucumber very small and mix together in a bowl. Dice avocado into small pieces and set aside.

Using a round cookie cutter (like this one - about 2 1/2 inches across) cut a circle piece out of the bread. Use the scraps for snacking or save in the freezer for making bread crumbs or croutons.

Toast bread circles and then place them on a cutting board.

Place the same cookie cutter over the toast so you can build the rest of the layers. You must do them one at a time from start to finish (as opposed to doing every avocado layer then every tuna layer etc. Start out by placing 1/8 of your diced avocado inside the cookie cutter as the bottom layer. Use a small spoon or your fingers to gently press the avocado down.

Then add the tuna salad on top of the avocado and press it down a little.

Then top with a little spoonful of the relish. Garnish with micro greens.

Gently remove the cookie cutter and then proceed to the next piece of toast starting once again with the avocado, then tuna and then relish.

Serve as an appetizer or a fun lunch. You can make them smaller or larger depending on the size of your cookie cutter.

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Wow these look awesome! Terrific idea!

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This looks so delicious. I bet it would be awesome on a rice cracker too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I bought their tuna last time you posted about it. Absolutely delicious

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