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Happy Birthday Dinner for Bagheera

Well, besides the post before this, I haven't posted in a while because sadly, our sweet and beautiful boy, Bagheera passed away on July 26th, 2015. He had a long and healthy life until a week before he passed. In October of 1998, my daddy surprised me with a little tiny black kitty, that night we were watching our favorite Disney movie, The Jungle Book. We named him Bagheera and that day he became my best friend.

It has been incredibly difficult since his passing... lots of tears, and sadness in our home. It often feels empty or incomplete - as if we forgot to paint a wall or something to that extent.

Every single year, I always celebrated our Bagheera's birthday. I sang to him and gave him toys. This year, it was different. He was 10 days shy of his 17th birthday and I still wanted to celebrate my sweet boy ... and so we did.

First, we stopped by our vet (Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital) to drop off some beautiful birthday Sprinkles cupcakes and thank Bagheera's doctors, nurses and entire staff. My dad hadn't met the Drs yet so I am glad he was able to join us to say thank you to the wonderful people who took care of our beloved kitty. We couldn't ever thank them enough for all the love they gave our Baggsy while he was there for a week before his passing. We absolutely LOVE Newport Vet and we are just beyond grateful we found such an amazing place to take care of our kitty when he was sick. We found it over a year ago and just loved everyone there each time we were there for a visit and check up for our Baggsy. Both Dr. Cohen and Dr. Julie and everyone there just loved on our kitty and our family and because there really are no words, we gave them birthday cupcakes.

Then my hubby bought me 17 beautiful roses to celebrate kitty's 17th birthday. The flowers are just gorgeous, smell amazing and I love that I have a rose for each of his (almost) 17 years!

My dad surprised me on Sunday with something very special. When I was about 3 years old, he had "I love Krysten" tattooed on his arm. This past week, next to my name, he tattooed a tiny pic of Bagheera (the Disney character) and I just couldn't be happier. Dad said I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw it. Every day that I have seen him since, I always lift up his sleeve to see his little Bagheera tattoo.

Last night, my daddy, my hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and dessert tonight to celebrate our Bagheera. I made a delicious veggie soup with lentils and spinach, a spaghetti squash dish with an herb sauce and toasted breadcrumbs, and a tasty 2-layer vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting - all vegan.

Below are some photos from dinner and links to each of the recipes.

Thank you to eveyone who has loved on us these past few weeks - it's been incredibly difficult, but such a blessing to see so many reach out to us with love, and prayers. We love you all.


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