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What is Palm Oil & Should You Support The Palm Oil Industry?

This post was created in paid partnership with New Hope Network and Daabon.

If you are one who reads the ingredients on everything you buy then you have most definitely seen “palm oil” on many labels. Whether in food products or beauty products it’s everywhere, but there is some controversy around it. Is it good for you? Is it sustainable? What exactly is it?

Palm Oil is a vegetable oil derived from the palm fruit on a palm tree. It’s most commonly found in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. It is a lesser known oil, though you probably have products in your bathroom or kitchen that contain it. Palm oil is used in baking, cooking, soups, candles, makeup, beauty products, soaps and much more. It’s also versatile, consistent, efficient and affordable making it an ingredient that brands want to use in their products.

There has been some controversy around palm oil. Just as any ingredient or product can be produced using unethical and unfair practices, the same can go for palm oil. There have been some suppliers of the oil that have sadly destroyed animal habitats and that have a history of deforestation practices which is why it’s important that you know and understand where your palm oil is sourced from. This is where you come in. It’s important to do your research, vote with your dollars and support brands that you trust and have proper business practices.

Daabon has changed the palm oil game! I learned so much about palm oil, sustainability and their business practices. It’s actually a 100+ year, family owned company that has been growing and producing organic and sustainable palm oil in Columbia. They hold a high value in sustainability and working with nature rather than against it. Sustainability isn’t always the easiest, but it’s always the right path. They are also Rainforest Alliance Certified, USDA Organic (which also means nonGMO), Fair Trade certified and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which is so important. This means the forests are protected, the company supports worker’s rights and also protects where the palm production occurs. What can it do for your health? 1) Because it contains Vitamins A,D,E and K, it supports your overall well being and immunity.

2) It can support healthy cholesterol levels.

3) It can support eye health.

4) It can support brain and heart health due to CoQ10. Compared to other oils like sunflower, soybean or canola, palm oil actually leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Choosing to consume and support the ethically and sustainably sourced palm oil over other vegetable oils does more than work great in your baking recipes. Choose companies like Daabon that are transparent with their business protocol. If you see “palm oil” on a label, contact the company and ask where they source from. You have the right to know and the right to choose what you put in your body, as well as how you support the planet through your voting dollars.

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