• krysten

What is Astragalus? The Benefits & How To Use It

I’m super new to ASTRAGALUS. Have you heard of it or tried it before? I've been taking it for about a month now… it is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. I have been adding it to my coffee each morning and sometimes an afternoon latte, too, and I really like it.

I looked up its benefits and felt like it was made for me at this time: it can help with fatigue, allergies and the common cold, stress, calming the mind & body. It’s good for the immune system (HELLO!) and is a powerful antioxidant, too! Astragalus is also used traditionally as a lung tonic which is really good right now! Just what I need!

  • used in Chinese medicine

  • known as "huang qi" meaning "yellow leader"

  • is an adaptogen

  • used to improve immune system

  • can help with inflammation

  • can aid in stress relief

  • can treat fatigue

  • can reduce stress

  • is a powerful antioxidant

  • can reduce anxiety

  • traditionally used as a lung tonic to support healthy lung function

By the way, it's always good to talk to your doc if you're ever curious about adding new products or supplements to your routine.

I love Addictive Wellness’ ASTRAGALUS powder and LOVE this brand and their products, PLUS I love the owners. They really are the sweetest people, so caring, so loving, so warm, so knowledgeable and I’m very grateful for them!

I also like the taste of it — it kind of reminds me of a cacao or maca powder. It's almost kind of sweet (not too sweet) and is easy to add to your routine. I add it to my morning lattes and It doesn’t change my coffee flavor.

Try adding powdered Astragalus to

  • coffee

  • smoothies

  • raw treats

  • baked goods

  • hot cacao/hot cocoa

  • morning oatmeal.

Also — I’m not a doctor, but wanted to share something that I have been taking and what I think has been helping me.