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The Biggest Regret I have With My Home Birth (It Weirdly Involves Pizza)

So many people told me, “DON’T DO IT!” when they heard I was having a home birth. Ironically, the first thing I said after my home birth was “I DID IT!” I only regret one thing… keep reading to find out what it was.

99% of the time their reasoning for saying “don’t do it” (Home Birth) was rooted in their own fear and one of the following:

😱It’s scary! 😱You need a doctor & medical attention! 😱What about pain meds? 😱A midwife isn’t a doctor! 😱What if you have to go to the hospital?

(I’ve answered most of those questions in my home birth story blog)

In the very beginning, I responded with facts that I had read. I still hadn’t totally unlearned what I thought I knew about birth (based on movies & scary stories from other women) & to be honest I was still a bit fearful.

As my pregnancy progressed, I became unafraid of BIRTH more and more because I put in the work! It wasn’t easy, but I did a lot of learning and worked hard to put my trust in the Lord knowing that my body was fully designed to do this. I spent time learning the facts about birth, what it’s like, what to expect, watching birthing videos, etc. and asking a million questions to my incredible birthing team (midwife & doulas). I’m glad I didn’t let a few people’s negative reactions impact my decision to have a home birth. I would do a home birth again in a heartbeat! Stop letting other people project THEIR fears onto you - don’t let THEIR fears impact what your gut is telling you is right for YOU!

Funny story: Early on, my mom wasn’t 100% on board. She called me from her OBGYN’s office (during her own doc appointment with the doc that delivered me) and asked me if I was REALLY having this baby at home. When I told her YES, she said “My doctor says the only thing that should be delivered at home is a pizza!”

🍕 😉 I should have sent him a pizza after my son was safely born at home. That’s my only regret!

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