• krysten

Dear Baby Krysten

Dear baby 16year old Krysten,

You have no idea how much your life will change in the next few years…

You don’t know this yet but….

✏️You’ll graduate HS with honors. 👫You’ll move to Arizona for college & you will meet the man you will eventually marry when you’re 17. (2005) 💉You’ll end up in the ER in 2 years after a lot of blood loss due to a cyst on your ovary. (2007) 😞You’ll lose loved ones within a few years. (2008) 😐You’ll go through a lot of stress, pain and heartache. 👩🏽‍🎓You will change your major your junior year of college. (2009) 🙌🏽You will meet the most amazing people that will become lifelong friends. 🍕You’ll be diagnosed with #PCOS#PCOS & change your entire lifestyle, diet & habits. (2010) 💍You’ll get engaged at #Disneyland. (2010) 💪🏽You’ll graduate college magna cum laude. 💑You’ll have the most amazing wedding. (2011) 😕You will feel alone with PCOS & eating but realize that you’re definitely not alone in it all. (2013). 💻You will start a blog that one day many will be a part of. (2015) You’ll finally write a cookbook. (2019) ❤️You will meet life long friends. ❤️You will learn & value your CHOSEN FAMILY. ❤️You will mess up. ❤️You will learn. ❤️You will grow. ❤️You will help others. 👉🏽You don’t even know what the next 16 years will be like but I can tell you that you will be okay. You will do big things, fun things, and create lots of memories. You will laugh & cry. You will struggle. You will find an awesome passion in cooking and creating in the kitchen and share your journey with others.... and even though you will go through tough times, you will make it because the Lord doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle. You got this! Love, Older, sometimes wiser, 32 year old, Krysten PS- you are blessed beyond all measure. WHAT WOULD YOU TELL YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF? Comment below...