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9 Gluten Free Brands You Don't Want to Miss at Expo West 2020

This blog post is sponsored. All opinion are my own.

Expo West starts next week. What is Expo West? It’s the largest Natural Products Expo in the world and, honestly, my second favorite time of the year next to Christmas. There are over 100k people, thousands of brands and companies and lots of amazing product launches.

This year, I am so honored to be a part of New Hope Network’s Top 100 Responsible Health & Wellness Influencers of 2020. There are so many wonderful people on this list, and I am so grateful to be one of them.

There are lots of new brands, new products and many of my most favorite people that I get to see at the show, and that excites me.

Also, at the show… there are so many new, innovative products that I look forward to finding and sharing with you on my Instagram stories! I wanted to share 10 gluten free brands that you can’t miss this year as you attend Expo West 2020!

If you have never been to Expo West, and it’s your very first time, make sure you watch this HOW TO video for some amazing tips for attending the show! Whether you’e been before or not, or if you plan on attending any kind of food expo, conference or food show in general, these tips will help you start off Day 1 like a pro! These are all the tips that I wish I knew before my first Expo West.

If you’re headed to Expo West you will surely not want to miss out on these brands! Stop by! Sample their products and be the friendly smile they need to see at the show. Not headed to Expo? Don’t worry! Look for these brands in stores, follow them on social media and show them some love!

In no particular order:

Kween Granola Butter

Booth # 5613

It’s basically magic in a jar. Totally allergen friendly (Top 14 free), nut free, dairy free, refined sugar free, no preservatives or artificial anything. It’s vegan and made with organic ingredients, too. Think of a nut butter consistency… you will want to spread or drizzle it on everything or just eat it with a spoon. They can be stored in the fridge for more of a “cookie dough” texture. They have 3 flavors original, chocolate and vanilla and we love them all.

Honestly this is a product you didn’t know you needed until now. It will be LOVE at first spoonful. A must have!

Learn more:

Hilary’s Eat Well

Booth # 5032

Hands down, this is the very best veggie burger in the whole wide world. I really don’t have to say much more… Hilary’s makes the most amazing plant based veggie burgers, veggie and whole grain medleys, veggie bites and veggie sausages. Everything is organic, vegan and plant based, as well as free from the top 12 most common food allergens. I love this brand and the lovely people at Hilary’s!

Stop by their booth for some yummy, nutrient-dense samples. Everything they make is phenomenal. Especially everything they plan to sample at the show! HAH!

Learn more:

Remedy Organics

Booth # N205

I found this brand a few years back thanks to my friend Christine. They are a 100% plant-based functional wellness brand with tasty protein drinks using Superfoods, Ayurvedics, Botanical Herbs and Probiotics with functional benefits that go well beyond hydration and general nutrition. Everything is certified USDA organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Their new line of Keto Friendly drinks are launching soon, and I’m very excited about it. Less than 1g of sugar, probiotics for digestive health, nutrient dense and protein packed!

I’m so stoked to try their new Keto line. I love each of their other drinks already, so I can’t wait to stop by and sample the new line!

Learn more:

Seven Sundays

Booth # N1330

If you like grain free granola, you must check out Seven Sundays and their new Rise & Shine Banana Berry Muesli Mix. It is made with strawberries, bananas, cherries, nuts and seeds. Just add milk of choice and enjoy OR use it to top smoothies and smoothie bowls or eat it with yogurt or sprinkled on sweet potato toast. There are no added sugars, it’s grain free and gluten free. They recently launched in Whole Foods (nationally) and they are a certified B Corporation, too!

I can't wait to try this NEW Rise & Shine Banana Berry Muesli Mix at the show. I already want to sprinkle it on all of my smoothies!

Learn more:

Enjoy Life Foods

Booth # 770 & # N447

You know them! You love them and now they have something NEW for us! Enjoy Life Foods is an incredible allergy friendly brand. All of their products are free of gluten and 14 common allergens. They have a wide variety of products from chocolates to cookies, baking mixes to breakfast ovals and tasty protein bites. This year they are launching a brand new flavor of their yummy bites! I haven't a clue what it is but I can't wait to stop by and check it out.

I love their love for making safe, allergen friendly treats for people of all ages. Their entire line is brilliant.

Learn more:

Path of Life

Booth # 5716

Path of Life is a plant based frozen brand with a few new products launching at Expo West. Their brand new rice blends will come in 3 flavors: Ancient Grains & Seed Blend, Cilantro Lime Rice Blend, and Saffron Rice Blend. The entire line is gluten free, nonGMO and totally plant based, too. Their products are located in 3600 stores nationwide in the freezer section. At Expo West they plan on “making it grain!” I am all about that life.

I can’t wait to try the brand new rice blends; the ingredients are so great! Looking forward to stopping by to meet their team and “make it grain!”

Learn more:


Booth # 5598

Crunchsters are nonGMO, gluten free, nut free, vegan snacks made from sprouted mung beans. They are made with simple ingredients and come in a variety of flavors. Great to sprinkle on salads, avocado toast, soup or even to eat as a snack. What is a mung bean? It’s a little green bean that is consumed primarily in Southeast Asia, India, and China. In America we know them as bean sprouts. They sprout them a little differently and cook them up for a delicious snack!

I definitely can’t wait to try all of the Crunchsters flavors. I already want to sprinkle them on everything. Looking forward to meeting their team.

Learn more:


Booth # 5113

This is the world’s tastiest 100% Blood Orange Juice. It’s funny because I don’t usually drink much juice, but I do love using this incredible juice for salad dressings or to add a splash to my water for some fruit flavored water. Try adding it to sparkling water for a mocktail experience or using it in various recipes. They also have a 100% Blood Orange & Pomegranate Juice as well as a 100% Mandarin Orange Juice. Mongibello is 100% Blood Orange Juice that's imported from Sicily. The blood oranges are grown at the base of Mt. Etna, a volcano in Sicily, and the ground is ideal for blood orange production. The only ingredient is blood orange juice and no added sugar.

I love stopping by the Mongibello Booth for a sip of the tastiest juice ever, ever! Love this brand and this juice.


Booth # 5536

I’ve know about this allergy friendly brand for a long time and love their Sun Cups! Their products are free from top 14 common allergens and their newest products are out of this world. They have Bagel Chips that come in 2 flavors: Plain and Everything. Both are fantastic with dips, crumbled on soup or on charcuterie boards. I haven’t had a bagel chip in years. Thankful for a safe option!

My husband and I will down a bag of the Bagel Chips in 0.32 seconds! Excited to see the team at Expo and eat some gluten free Bagel Chips.

Learn more:

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you stop by these booths while you're at the show. Don't forget to watch the video below for some helpful tips for Expo West!


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