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4 Goals To Work On In 2020: Personal Development 101

Dreams don’t have expiration dates, keep going. There is so much I want to do. I have a long list of goals & dreams that I want to achieve. Some are BIG and others are SMALL. Some will cost MONEY and some will cost TIME. Some involve others and some are purely reliant on me. Some involve this magical place called Disneyland and others can be done in my kitchen, at the gym, and even just in my own thoughts. I’ll get there.

This year, more than ever I am really trying to reach some of these GOALS & DREAMS. I am working hard on managing my time while also making more time for self care (so hard for me to do that) and learning so much from my friend, Danika Brysha. 4 things I have been working on in 2020: 😴 Going to bed earlier 🌞 Getting up earlier 🙏🏽 Better/more quality self care time 👎🏽 Not comparing myself to others in any way Am I totally nailing those 4 things above? NOPE! Am I getting better at it? YUP! I am for sure! I have been going to bed earlier, waking up earlier (and better) and also trying to add in moments and quality self care time. It's not about MORE self care it's about BETTER QUALITY self care and being more mindful of self care time.

I struggle with comparison of others and know that COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY. It’s really easy to say but not always easy to do. Social media WILL do that do you. That is hard for me to admit but here I am — being fully transparent with you… and also accountable with myself.

Here’s the thing —> I am working on ME every single day. I want to reach my GOALS & DREAMS and make them a REALITY. I know I will get there but I don’t know when. I’m still working on that part. BUT I also know that if I work on me every day and work towards my goals every day that I can make it happen and make it a TRUE REALITY. Learn from your past & make it better…don’t dwell on it.

Be like Edna Mode: “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.”

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