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25+ Gluten Free Finds at Walt Disney World Parks

Traveling can be difficult when you have food allergies. The best thing you can do is be prepared, bring your own snacks and familiarize yourself with where you are traveling to. Thankfully, Disney knows food allergies, has plenty of options at each of their theme parks and resorts and wants to keep you safe while you’re in their hands. I decided to visit Walt Disney World with my family and do a little, or should I say “a lotta,” eating to find yummy gluten free options for you! If you are traveling to Disneyland in Anaheim, California then check out my Disneyland Guide Part 1 and Part 2.

Disneyland is our home park. We visit often and have annual passes. We know where to go, where to eat and where the secret bathrooms are (Disneyland Gluten Free Guide Part 1 & Disneyland Gluten Free Guide Part 2), but Walt Disney World is another story. We have been enough times now to know where to go and not waste time reading maps, but, up until recently, I wasn’t as “in the know” on the best Gluten Free options at Walt Disney World’s four Theme Parks and many resorts.

When traveling anywhere it’s always a good idea to bring a few snacks for those “just in case” moments and to have in the room when everything is closed.

Most Disney chefs, restaurants and quick-service locations can accommodate the following common food allergies:

  • Gluten or wheat

  • Eggs

  • Fish

  • Milk or lactose

  • Peanuts and tree nuts

  • Shellfish

  • Soy

  • Corn​

Before you GO:

Before you ORDER:

  • Make sure your server knows about your allergens.

  • Always ask to speak to the chef before ordering - especially if you have questions about the menu. There is always a possibility that menus and ingredients can change.

  • Some places serve gluten free French fries that are cooked in a dedicated gluten free frier. Some restaurants have fries cooked in a cross contaminated frier. Ask your server.

  • Double check signs that say “gluten friendly” vs "gluten free” — some places might have gluten free options, but do have the possibility of cross contamination (example: GF Cookies at Jack Jacks are listed at “gluten friendly” and there is a possibility of cross contamination).

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, check and recheck that items are gluten free.

  • Ask if there's a possibility of cross contamination.


Always carry your epinephrine auto-injector: this is a must must must! If you have an anaphylactic food allergen then please carry your epi with you! Do not leave it in the room or in the locker! Keep it with you all day long because it can save your life!

Plan ahead: Have an idea where you will eat so that you don’t waste time trying to figure out where you will eat and what you will eat. I like to use my Notes app to list restaurants at each park, along with snack options, that are safe for me to eat.

Make a reservation: Call Disney Dining to book a dining reservation and let them know what food allergies you have.

Ordering on the app: You can order your allergy friendly food via Walt Disney World’s magical app! How convenient! Be sure that when your food is ready to pick up at the window that you double and triple check that your food is gluten free (or free of your allergens) because, you know, technology can be your friend but also sometimes you want to punch it in the face.

Alert your sever: Even if your allergen is noted in your reservation, it’s a good idea to remind them when you’re seated and ask for the allergen friendly menu.

Speak to the chef: Always ask to speak to the chef before ordering - especially if you have questions about the menu. There is always a possibility that menus and ingredients can change. Some places serve gluten free French fries that are cooked in a dedicated gluten free frier. Some restaurants have fries cooked in a cross contaminated frier. Ask your server.

Double Check: You might see a sign that says “gluten friendly” vs "gluten free” — some places might have gluten free options, but do have the possibility of cross contamination.

Lastly, if you are unsure of finding snacks that suit your needs, wants and magical desires — you can bring your own. Bring safe snacks for the whole family in a backpack, purse or even get a locker to store your goodies. Just don’t bring any glass or alcohol. We often make a pit stop at Whole Foods to stock up on a few snacks and a case of water for the room. It’s not too far away especially if you have a car. Otherwise, bring some from home, just in case.

While this list is only highlighting gluten free finds at Walt Disney World, there are many delicious options that cater to other common food allergens. Each food service location will have a food allergen friendly menu along with an ingredients list. DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK, CHECK AND RECHECK even with items you see on this blog, because ingredients can change and menus can change. It’s better to ask and be sure rather than to get sick or glutened.

First we will look at Theme Parks and then Resorts, followed by Disney Springs. I hope this blog helps you plan your trip to Walt Disney World and that you have a magical trip!


Pinocchio Village Haus (Fantasyland)

Margarita Pizza & Cheese Pizza

Just like Disneyland, the gluten free pizza is delicious. We really enjoyed both pizzas here. We were able to order via the Walt Disney World app and pick up our food rather than wait in a magically long line.

Liberty Tree Tavern - All you can eat (Frontierland)

This meal was great! While the meat wasn’t my absolute favorite, it was very tasty and we’d eat here again. I had the gluten free version of everything my family ate (except they didn’t have a replacement for the macaroni & cheese), and it was great! The stuffing was so yummy for a few different reasons 1) it’s stuffing, 2) they took the time to actually make gluten free stuffing rather than just omit that from the meal and 3) it made the perfect turkey dinner! The chef brought my plate out to me each time & I was able to request more of what I wanted. I ate a lot of green beans — YUM! The brownie was divine, by the way, and the sorbet was a lovely refreshing palate cleanser. (Reservation needed)

Rolls, Turkey, Beef, Pork, Green Beans, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Salad & Dessert (raspberry sorbet & brownie with ice cream)


America Pavilion


Kid Mac & Cheese with apples & Enjoy Life Cookies

This gluten free Macaroni & Cheese is not on the menu, but if you ask for it they will make it for you. Just ask nicely! If they have the ingredients on hand, then, boom, you’re in for a treat. This was one of our favorites, because it was pure comfort food and a great find. A mother & daughter thankfully heard me mention gluten free Mac & Cheese and followed us to the goods! They loved it too! The fries were also very tasty - we loved the apple slices, and the cookies were a delicious treat, too. You can also get them at other places around the parks.

Italy Pavilion

Via Napoli Restaurante e Pizzeria

Scampi & Side Broccolini

You will get twice this amount, but my husband and I shared this, and I ate my half before I could take a photo. This was one of our favorite stops. The broccolini was delicious and perfectly cooked. Such a fresh and healthy stop, too!

France Pavillion


Meringue & Macaroons

At some point, while traveling the world at Epcot, you will need something sweet. Head to France and find the Boulangerie. Ask what is gluten free, as they may add or rotate some of the baked goodies. They also had a parfait and a large macaroon. We enjoyed this medley of macaroons and a ginormous meringue dipped in chocolate.

England Pavillion

Rose & Crown

Baked Fish & Chips

Don’t let this title fool you! I thought we would be served fish & chips like everyone else, only it would be battered in gluten free breadcrumbs or batter. What we got, instead, was a baked piece of fish and fries, and we loved every bite! It was perfectly cooked, and the cast members in England were so lovely & helpful. We’d eat this baked fish & chips again and again.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

The soup was also very tasty and perfect for the chilly day that it was. We loved it! Comfort food and a view (if you sit outside).

Sunshine Seasons (The Land)

Enjoy Life Chocolate Bar

Oh, how I love Enjoy Life Foods, their chocolate and that their allergy friendly products can be found all over the Disney parks. This bar is free from the top food allergens, so it’s a great option for many! It’s also delicious chocolate and a great company to support! They are making high quality, affordable, safe products for you and your loved ones!


Hollywood Brown Derby (Reservation needed)

Curried Butternut Squash Soup & Rolls

This was our first gluten free meal on the first day of our trip, and, wow, it was so good! Our awesome waiter (Jedidiah) was so knowledgeable & went above and beyond. The food was outstanding! We all loved this soup so, so much!

Charred Filet of Beef with Fingerling Potatoes & Green Beans

This was by far one of my favorite meals. The meat and everything was cooked to perfection. I would order this again in a heartbeat!

Behind The Scenes Ice Cream Cart

Mickey Ice Cream Bar - (near Grauman's Theater)

This is not a certified gluten free bar, but there is no gluten in the bar / ingredients list. It does not contain gluten, but, as always, ask to see an ingredient list. My aunt got one, and we all took a bite. The chocolate on it was really tasty. I’m not an ice cream person, to be honest, so I don’t know that I’d order one for me personally, but if you like ice cream then find one of these! You can find these all over the parks.


Tiffins (Africa)

Pan-seared Alaskan Halibut

Ahhh Tiffins, one of our favorite spots in Walt Disney World! The food is tasty, unique and definitely not even close to what you could call “theme park food!” The halibut was so delicious. I’d eat it a thousand times over!

Chicken and Waffles

My hubby loved the chicken and waffles. He said it was the perfect combination of chicken, waffle, sweet and savory. I tasted it, too -- delish!

Charred Octopus

My mom had the octopus, and it was really good!


For dessert, the sorbet trio and birthday desserts were also a winner winner! Save room for more desserts next door at the Nomad Lounge!

Nomad Lounge (Africa)


Churros and Disney Theme Parks go hand in hand. They are a Disney staple, and Oh. My. Lanta! These churros were beyond perfection! My mom hates churros, because they are too doughy and heavy and definitely not her favorite at all, BUT the gluten free churros served at Nomad Lounge are so good that we all went back for more on our way out of the park. My mom loved them and said they were the best churros she’s ever had. I would have to agree! I’m drooling just thinking about them. I only wish Disneyland would serve these gluten free churros!

TAMU TAMU (Africa)

Dole Whip

Another Disney staple. Dole whip is so refreshing on a hot day... it was a cool day for us, but we had to get a Dole whip. This is also the only place you can make it more “adult” with a shot of rum for anyone who is interested.


Sassagoula - Floatworks & Food Factory


Another amazing find on the Walt Disney World property! Even if you aren’t staying here, you must make it a point to stop by for some beignets and live music in the lobby area. We stayed on property, so that made it quite convenient to get our hands on these tasty beignets that are also egg free and technically vegan! Just ask that they are fried in a separate fryer than the gluten free chicken to make them gluten free AND vegan, too! Another treat that Disneyland in California should bring to their park!


1900 Parke Fare - Character Buffet

Roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, kale salad, broccoli slaw + more

There were a lot of gluten free items available here at this buffet, and I was able to let my server know what I’d like, and the chef brought it out to me from the kitchen to ensure there is not cross contamination. I loved the roast beef, green beans, broccoli slaw and basically everything that I had. They also brought me a tasty dessert!

Dessert: Cookies, Brownie, Sorbet

The gluten free brownie and Enjoy Life cookies were so good! The sorbet was a lovely refreshing end to a great meal! It’s also a plus meeting Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, Drisella, Griselda and the Prince!


Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Mocha Cupcake

Wow! What a way to end our trip! We stopped here the morning of our last day, and, next time, I’d like to stop there first thing! This cupcake was so beyond amazing. The texture, the flavor, the frosting ... everything about this cupcake makes me wish I had brought a dozen home with me on the plane! The Mocha cupcake was THE BEST CUPCAKE I’VE EVER HAD! My hubby agrees. You can’t go wrong here at this dedicated gluten free, vegan, soy free bakery! They have cookies, cupcakes, donuts, coffee cakes & tea cakes, and more! I’d recommend you stop here on day one to pick up goodies for your mornings before the park!

Cinnamon Roll

This cinnamon roll was pretty dang good! If you like sweets for breakfast, consider stopping by the bakery on day 1 of your trip to have some tasty breakfast for your time at Disney.

Lemon Tea Cake, Coffee Crunch Donut, Maple Donut

The Lemon Cake was a crowd pleaser. We absolutely devoured it! I wish we brought a few more slices of it home with us. The donuts were pretty good, but not my favorite. I'd still eat them again, though. Make sure you stop here at the beginning of your trip. Then stop on your last day to carry some goodies home with you!! It’s a must! You can also find some of their treats at a few of the different resorts on Walt Disney World property. If you are celebrating a birthday, call ahead to have a special cake made!

Throughout the parks, you can also find vending carts that sell gluten free snacks. Because items can change, always ask the vendor or server to make sure items are, in fact, gluten free and without cross contamination!

  • Frozen lemonade

  • Turkey legs

  • Popcorn

  • Kettle corn

  • French fries

  • Mickey Face Ice Cream Bars (on a stick)

As a whole, there really wasn’t a meal or snack that we didn’t like! Maybe some of the rolls weren’t my favorite, but for a gluten free option they really weren’t bad! I found it quite easy to find gluten free options all around the parks and always asked for a gluten free menu. I thought the hardest park would be Epcot, because I truly couldn’t find much online, so I decided to find as much as I could (I was very full that day) around the World Showcase to provide you with some different options. Of course, there is much more available around Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Resorts than what I ate, but this should help you plan your trip! Also, you can find some more common items like burgers, Mickey waffles (at select locations), salads, etc. around.... just ask a cast member to guide you in the right direction.

Headed to Disneyland? Check these blogs to see my gluten free guide to Disneyland PART 1 & PART 2. Keep in mind that there might be more or less during the holiday season, so call ahead, ask questions and feel free to make a pit stop at City Hall on Main Street to see what’s new! Don’t ever be afraid to ask, double and triple check everything, and if you are even the slightest bit questioning if your meal is safe, ask to speak to the chef and be clear on your food allergens. The lovely cast members want to make sure you are safe, as they want to take care of their guests!

Thanks for reading! Check out this video that has all of the food listed above! I had a blast doing research at Walt Disney World to find yummy gluten free options for you! Have a magical trip and remember to keep all hands, arms, feet and legs inside the tram, boat, ride or moving vehicle at all times!

Special thanks to WDWJediMaster & MinneCeliac for getting some additional footage for the video which I forgot to get on my trip!


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