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You CAN Safely Taste The Rainbow — A Look At Natural Food Colorings

If you haven’t read my blog post about food coloring, then you definitely should check it out. It should scare you out of ever wanting to eat it ever again! If it doesn’t, then to be honest that makes me pretty sad that you don’t care about the ingredients that you are ingesting and giving your family. Sorry to guilt trip you BUT I do mean that. Read more about that here.

We already talked about the yucky things about traditional SAD (standard American diet) food colorings but I told you that there was GREAT NEWS! There are companies that are making beautiful, safe, clean ingredient natural food colorings to brighten your day and your food.

You CAN taste the ACTUAL rainbow… not the crap rainbow that the chemically altered colors make. Like you can actually taste the real rainbow because there are awesome companies that are making food colorings from real foods, herbs and plants! You would NEVER know the difference! I mean… look at this stack of worthy of going viral Instagram post of gorgeous Rainbow Pancakes. Can you even? Because, homegirl this is what rainbow dreams are made of: and all of the colors are made from natural ingredients!

There are quite a few brands that are making

food colorful and you need to know about them!

Color Kitchen Foods makes a variety of powdered food colors which are made from turmeric, spirulina and beets. I have used these amazing food colors in frosting, to make pink Mickey Mouse Rice Krispee treats, in cakes and more. They are beautifully vibrant and come in blue, green, orange, yellow and pink. They also have sprinkles which make everything better. If you have a corn allergy, this product does contain maltodextrin which is derived from potatoes or corn. Please read ingredients.

Glean doesn’t technically make food coloring but they do make an amazing beet powder that can be used to color different foods red. The red pancake in the stack of rainbow pancakes was made using Glean’s Beet Powder! The only ingredient in their beet powder is beets. It works great to naturally give a beautiful red color to your dishes and baked goods.

Unicorn Superfoods has an incredible line of natural food colors made from food sources. The blue is made from spirulina, the pink is made from pitaya, the purple is made from black goji berry, the red is made from beetroot and the green is made from matcha! Not only do they make smoothies, baked goods and dips bright and stunning but they also are nutrient dense in beneficial superfoods which are great for you!

Let’s talk about my rainbow pancakes so you can see which colors were used:

RED: Glean’s Beet Flour

ORANGE: Color Kitchen Foods Orange Coloring

YELLOW: Color Kitchen Foods Yellow Coloring

GREEN: Color Kitchen Foods Green Coloring

BLUE: Unicorn Superfoods Blue Spirulina

PURPLE: Unicorn Superfoods Blue Spirulina & Unicorn Superfoods Pink Pitaya

PINK: Color Kitchen Foods Pink Coloring

Sprinkles are from Color Kitchen Foods

Let’s talk about some products that are

colorful that don’t use any food colorings:

Cereal: Love Grown makes kid cereals that are gluten free and vegan. Their cereals are pretty colors and taste super delicious. They certainly are kid approved and Krysten approved, too!

Chips: Siete Foods makes Nacho Chips that have no food coloring and they taste great because you don’t need crap chemical food coloring in chips (or in anything). (other brands: Beanitos, Farmhouse Culture, Forager Project)

Soda: Zevia makes all the soda that we all grew up with and they are all clear! There are no added colors in any of them and there is also no sugar so that’s an added bonus!

Candy: Smart Sweets makes gummy candies just like we all grew up with! Not only are there no chemical food colorings but there is only 3g of sugar in each bag! Their candies are also all the different colors so you can eat all the colors and flavors of the rainbow without the bad side effects of chemicals. (other brands: Wholesome & Surf Sweets)

There is a long list of better for you products just like the ones listed above that you natural food colors in their products that are safe for you and your family to eat! You CAN eat all the colors of the rainbow and enjoy the colorful candies of your past without eating all the bad dyes!

All of this makes me so happy because there is an emotional attachment to eating these foods we ate as a kid. Naturally, it’s nostalgic and we also want our kids to have those same “feelings” of eating the things we loved as a kid. But, at what cost? It’s not worth it to want our children to eat the same exact things we ate because the ingredients are terrible but if they can share the connection to eating sour gummy candies (except from Smart Sweets) or eating Nacho Chips (except from Siete Foods) and colorful cereal (except from Love Grown) and also eating a beautiful stack of rainbow pancakes THEN I can confidently support these brands who are allowing us to relive our childhood without the negative side effects.

For this I am thankful.

Here are some of my photos using these beautiful natural colors:


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