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Sweet Potato Pancakes with Cashew Carmel Drizzle

Okay, move over summertime — it’s time to Fall in love with everything that has to do with FALL now! Bring on all of the sweet potato, squash, pumpkin spice and everything nice because THIS GIRL is totally ready!

I think secretly, though, I am just anxious for it to be Christmas… but don’t tell Fall that I said that!

These might be the most beautiful, tasty pancakes that I have ever made. Hold the phone, because this stack is amazing, and I’m pretty proud of not only how it looks but how these delicious pancakes taste!

A few months ago… okay, more like 6 or more months ago, I found a cool product called Sweet Potato Flour from Live Glean. Literally, as I type this, they just won a NEXTY award at Expo East — congrats!!

Anyways, I kind of didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, so I used it in a smoothie (great idea) and in chia seed pudding (another great idea). Then I thought … hmmm - I should totally make pancakes (SUPER GREAT IDEA!).

You can find their amazing Sweet Potato Flour, here. The only ingredient is Sweet Potato! It’s nutritious, delicious and comes in a resealable bag - what more could you ask for?

There are a few things that you can do to switch up this recipe to fit your tastebuds:

  • The batter is sweet on it’s own because of the monk fruit in the Primal Kitchen Vanilla Collagen. If you want to make it sweeter, consider adding about 1/2 tsp to 1TB of maple syrup or honey. If you choose to order this Vanilla Collagen or anything else from Primal Kitchen, use code KrystensKitchen at checkout for a discount.

  • If you use just plain, unflavored collagen, (I highly recommend this one) then consider adding a little sweetener to the batter. About 1/2 tsp to 1TB of maple syrup or honey.

  • You can use any milk that you like, though we prefer nut milks and dairy free milks in our house. The Maple Pecan Milk really does make this recipe amazing!

For topping, I chose raw pecans, fresh blueberries and this delicious Cashew Caramel Drizzle. I can’t tell you the exact measurements but it was about 1/3 cup cashew butter, 3 TB melted coconut oil and 1-2 TB maple syrup all mixed together until runny! Drizzle over tall stack of pancakes and enjoy!



2 eggs

2 tsp Vanilla

1/8 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp baking soda

1tsp to 1TB sweetener (maple or honey)


Mix all ingredients in a medium size bowl. Make sure to combine well so there are no clumps.

Drizzle some coconut or olive oil in a cast iron skillet or preferred pan at medium heat (read why we don’t use nonstick anymore). Pour about 1/4 cup worth of batter in the skillet and wait for bubbles to appear. Flip and cook on the other side, about 1 minute.

Serve and enjoy!


About Me

Hey! Welcome to Krysten's Kitchen... I guess I can say, "my kitchen." I am all about creating delicious recipes that are made with yummy, real ingredientsI love recreating old family favorites, sweets and everything in between. You'll find a touch of Disney, lots of amazing products and laughter along the way. I launched Krysten's Kitchen with the mission to share my years of research on healthy alternatives to everyday foods that most people can no longer eat due to dietary restrictions, food allergies or special eating lifestyles. 


In 2018, I received the Rising Star Award at ShiftCon & in May 2019 I lobbied on Capitol Hill with the Organic Trade Association and in October 2019 I received the Best Healthy Recipes Blogger at ShiftCon. You can learn more about me, my family and my story, here.

Welcome to Krysten's Kitchen. I hope you'll stay and eat awhile.

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