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Face And Body Oils

Oils have been used on hair, face and body for years and years for cleansing and moisturizing, but what are the benefits? What are the different oils out there? Coconut oil and jojoba oil aren't the only oils out there for you to use.

I have been using oils to cleanse my skin and moisturize my skin for awhile now, and I do have my favorites, which I will tell you about below.

Here are some body oils that are on the rise along with some of their benefits and a few tips:

Monoi oil - non-greasy moisturizer for the skin and hair

Monoi oil is used as a skin and hair softener that is made by soaking Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil. “Monoi” is a Tahitian word meaning “scented oil.” You are getting all of the moisturizing benefits from coconut oil plus the benefits of the gardenias one being it’s gentle nontoxic fragrance.


  • use as a hot oil treatment on tired or dry hair.

  • use on your skin after bathing to rehydrate your skin

  • warm in the palm of your hands before massaging on your body

My favorite Monoi Oil is from Athena Karsant’s line of natural beauty products. You can purchase it, here.

Chia oil - great for fine lines and skin hydration

Chia seeds are super trendy on social media for smoothies, chia seed pudding and even salads, but chia oil is hitting the beauty scene pretty hard lately thanks to an awesome company. The fatty acids in chia seeds create a rich oil that works to give you a more plump, natural look to the skin.


  • use as a daily moisturize

  • can use on face or body

  • apply a few drops to your hands, warm up the oil by rubbing your hands together and then apply to clean skin

My favorite Chia Seed Oil is from Cocokind. You can purchase it, here.

Argan Oil - a moisturizing plant oil

This oil is traditionally used by Moroccans for skin and hair. It’s sold as a natural skin and hair care product. It has been used to treat dry skin, bug bites, rashes and more — but it’s most popular use is to moisturize skin and to fix dry, dull hair.


  • use a very small amount on the ends of your hair

  • add a drop or two to your conditioner for some extra hydration

  • warm up in your hands before using only our face or body

My favorite Argan Oil is from Ra Goods, You can purchase their Argan oil, here or their brand new Rose Face & Body Oil which contains their Argan oil, here.

Use code KRYSTENSKITCHEN to save 30% off your first order at Ra Goods.

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