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2017 Holiday Gift Guide + Deals

Only 33 days until Christmas! Can you even believe that Thanksgiving is this week? Now, before you say, “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet” and wonder why I am posting this now, realize that many people start holiday shopping now and Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday are almost here.

I want to make sure that you are fully prepared for your spoiling your loved ones with the best goodies out there this Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate). Also, it's a good idea to stock up on your favorites, too!

And to my husband, if you are reading this… I will gladly take anything below, even though I have all the appliances and cookbooks. You can fill my stocking up with all these goodies, or at least tell Santa to stock me up on all of it!

Last year, Jeff filled my mom’s stocking and my stocking with Lively Up Your Breath Mint Drops. I put Ra Goods Lip Balms in each of their stockings and sent some to a few friends. This is a list that is filled with legit fun, yummy, goodies that I think any foodie, beauty lover or human being would love for Christmas (I know I would) this year.. I hope you find some good ideas here and don’t forget to read about some cute gift ideas that use some of these gifts.

I just love Christmas: Christmas decor, music, food, movies, being with my family, family traditions and everything that goes with this Holiday season. Yes, I know it's not about the gifts, but chances are you are buying presents anyway so you might as well get some ideas and save some money!

Items are listed in categories down below along with a deal, if there is one, and a link to the product.*


Rolling pin - It’s the most wonderful time to bake cookies! I bought this rolling pin a few years ago and it truly has made life easier when rolling my cookie dough evenly. There are a few different size options for you to choose from to make all of your cookie recipes perfect. I love that it’s so simple to use and really will step up your cookies this year!

Link to purchase

VitaMix - I know these blenders cost a lot of money but, really, they are the best. I literally use my Vitamix at least twice a day or more. It’s so powerful, makes amazing lattes, smoothies, soups, sauces, dressings and so much more. Check Costco for a good deal and watch for Black Friday sales. This gift will not only last many, many years, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Just think, whoever you give one of these to will surely make you lots of yummy things!

Link to purchase

Nespresso Frother - This was one of our wedding presents and, let me tell you, we use it all the time. I use it just about every single morning to make my lattes. It froths my homemade cashew milk, beautifully! It is a little on the pricey side, but if you love that extra foam on your latte, then you will be so impressed with the extra foam lattes that you will be able to make at home.

Link to purchase

Deal - currently 32% off on Amazon!

CS8 Designs Handmade Bottle Opener - My talented cousin makes some awesome handmade and personalized bottle openers. I bought one for Jeff last year because I realized we didn’t have one in the house. I bought one and it is so amazing. It’s beautifully handcrafted and I got to design every aspect of it: choose the wood & add inscription/lettering. I chose to add his initials engraved on it, you know it’s his manly kitchen tool, now. Christopher sells them on Etsy and they are very reasonably priced and beautifully made.

Link to purchase

EatingEVOLVED Hot Chocolate + Collagen - When I say that I have literally been waiting MONTHS for this product to come back in stock (it's seasonal unfortunately) - I ain't even lying! This hot chocolate is phenomenal and made with clean ingredients. Eating EVOLVED makes amazing paleo products: chocolate bars, chocolate spreads, roasted coconut spreads, chocolate cups and amazing hot chocolate. You can also get this hot chocolate without the collagen, making it totally vegan.... plus it's all organic, too! I also love that their chocolate is sweetened with coconut sugar and not cane sugar!

Link to purchase

Deal- use code KRYSTENDTMT to get a free mini chocolate surprise in your order.


Lively Up Your Breath - I can’t even tell you how much my family and I love Lively Up Your Breath liquid mint drops! They are super minty, gluten-free, made with organic ingredients, come in three flavors (Sensual Citrus, Original and Vanilla Cinnalicious) and taste really good. I tell my husband to put these in my stocking every year now, and now my mom asks for them for Christmas, too. They are a great stocking stuffer! Plus, your breath will be nice and minty underneath the mistletoe.

Link to purchase

Ra Goods Lip Balms - This is by far the best lip balm ever. Ra Goods makes all kinds of amazing essential oils, oil blends, body lotions, and gorgeous handmade oil diffuser necklaces. Everything is organic, made with simple, clean ingredients, and I have about 2 or 3 of their lip balms in every purse. There are 2 flavors: Peppermint and Sweet Orange. Both are amazing! These are great for anyone, especially during these dry winter months.

Link to purchase

Deal - save 40% off this weekend during their Black Friday sale.

If you are seeing this blog after black Friday, use code KrystensKitchen for 30% off your first purchase.

Four Sigmatic Superfood Mushroom Packets - Giving someone the gift of health is pretty incredible — not going to lie. Consider purchasing a box of the Hot Cacao Mix packets and putting a few in everyone’s stocking! Not only is it yummy and a warm and cozy drink, it also has many wonderful healing properties. The Hot Cacao Mix with Reishi is great for stress (who isn’t stressed during the holidays?), helps with sleep, helps your immune system, can fight allergies and asthma and can even help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. Plus it is hot cocoa and taste so great in your Christmas jammies, next to the tree, and with your loved ones.

Link to purchase - HUGE SALE right now + use code for additional savings!

Deal - Black Friday / Weekend, save up to 50% + save an additional 10% with code KRYSTENSKITCHEN

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides On The Go Sticks - I’m just saying, I would LOVE to see some of these Collagen Peptides On The Go Packets in my stocking. Or better yet, put a big box of them under the tree. They have helped me so much over the last year or two with my hair growth, skin, and nails. You can purchase a box and give a few to each of your girlfriends or put them in everyone’s stocking. Mix it into the Hot Cocoa above and, man alive, you have a great drink! I talk more about why I take collagen, here. Any woman, in my opinion, would love a gift like this - it’s just helps with so many things.

Link to purchase

Deal - with $75 purchase, receive a free mini 5oz container of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Cocokind My Matcha Stick - This is another luxurious product! It’s made with clean ingredients that really work. I use CocoKind’s My Matcha Stick under my eyes every single day, morning and night to help keep away those dark, puffy, under-eye circles — and it works! It’s also really moisturizing so I use it on my lips, dry spots and basically all over my face to be honest. This would make a great stocking stuffer or bundle it with other beauty products.

Link to purchase

Invisibobble Hair Ties - I have to say, these are my fav hair ties. They do not crease my hair, and they are pretty gentle on my hair unlike elastic hair ties. These are basically like those big curly key chains that fit around your wrist so you don’t lose your keys… only a million times better. They are great for stocking stuffers or to add to a beauty gift basket.

Link to purchase


Essential Oil Diffuser - I wish I had gotten one of these sooner! I love my oil diffuser and have it on most of the day and all night. We keep it in our bedroom, but I just ordered one for our living room and kitchen. My favorite essential oil that I use the most is called GNite Irene which is from Ra Goods. I love it because it’s so relaxing and soothing. You can use any essential oils in your oil diffuser and receive the wonderful benefits of essential oils.

Link to purchase

ECOS Holiday Gift Box - Are you trying to help someone you love switch out all of their chemical-filled cleaning products to cleaner ones? Here’s the perfect gift! ECOS has a very cute bundle/gift set that is perfect for any housewarming present or gift under the tree. I wrote a blog all about how we are making the switch to cleaner, healthier products for the home, here.

Link to purchase


Ra Goods Botanical Steam - Do you want to have a spa night at home with the girls? This is really one of the best beauty buys. It makes my skin so soft every time I use it. Dry skin is upon us more than ever during the holidays, and this is a product that will help so much. It’s ingredients were chosen for their cleansing, astringent, moisture retaining, toning and soothing effects on the skin. It’s great for the skin, and you will think you just went to the spa. I love this product!

Link to purchase

Deal - save 40% off this weekend during their Black Friday sale.

ToGoSpa Eye Pads - Those bags though! These are another great beauty buy! It’s a wonderful treatment for under your eyes that any tired mama, busy person, college kid, or anyone who will be in photos during the holidays, will love. You could use these as a stocking stuffer or bundle them nicely with other beauty products. They will de-puff your tired eyes and leave you looking bright-eyed and “not tired!” They even just launched some holiday sets that feature different products from each of their collections. My favorite is the Ice Water collection. This box will come with 4 pairs of eye treatments, 2 lip masks, 2 neck masks and 2 face masks!

Link to purchase individual eye pads

Link to purchase Ice Water Collection

Boss Babe Body Coffee Scrub - I really am picky when it comes to beauty products. I don’t just buy anything, and I really love products that work. This scrub will tackle any dry skin on your entire body. I promise, once you try these scrubs you will never love another scrub as much as Boss Babe Body scrubs! I have been using their scrubs since they launched in 2014 and use them 3-4 times a week on my entire body - from my nose to my toes! This scrub helps with circulation, cellulite, psoriasis, eczema, acne scars, stretch marks, dry skin and more. It has done amazing things for my face by clearing up old scars and discoloration. You will feel so pampered when scrubbing with this scrub. Your skin will feel softer than it’s ever felt AND this scrub is so affordable, you can buy it for everyone in your entire family!

Link to purchase

Deal - use promo code ATH for free shipping on all orders.

ECOS Hand Soap - I have to say, I love hand soaps and the Orange Blossom from ECOS is one of my favorites. I love this for a Christmas present for a few reasons. 1) It looks like a Christmas Ornament. 2) It’s made with natural, clean ingredients and 3) it smells so good! There are a few scents to choose from: Lavender and Lemongrass.