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Product: Arctic Zero - Fit Frozen Desserts NEW FLAVORS (2017)

It has been one crazy first quarter of 2017 for my family! I don't want to get too much into that. We are all human and due to the fact that I am human, I totally forgot to write this blog that I was so excited about back in March... and then life happened and it's May already. YIKES!

During Expo West, I was able to taste the brand new flavors of one of my favorite frozen dessert companies, Arctic Zero, and fell in love all over again. At the same time I was tasting them, my husband called me and said that I had a special delivery at the house from them. I told him to take a picture of the goods and to not even think about touching it until I got home. HAH!

That weekend, my mom was in town and helped herself to my stash and ate about 1/2 of the pints while I was at the Expo, not realizing that I was going to take pictures of each of the flavors and do a taste test on my Instagram story. How could I be mad, though? She tasted the flavors, loved them and ate most of them. With food allergies, it's hard to find frozen desserts that she likes, and she loved these, so I am a happy daughter.

Anyway, so life happened. We had just finished with one hurdle in my family (you can read about that here), and I spent the next 10-14 days nursing my terribly injured knee that I hurt at the expo and totally forgot about the tasty Arctic Zero that I had in my freezer until about 10 days ago. My mom was in town, and she went to the freezer to serve herself what was left of the new flavors and I panicked. How could I have totally forgotten about these in my freezer? That isn't like me to forget something like this. You know what happened? Life happened because I am human and that's okay. Plus, it's better late than never for me to share these yummy flavors with you.


What is the inspiration behind ARCTIC ZERO?

(taken from

ARCTIC ZERO was created by Greg Holtman who vividly remembers

caring for his mother, who was a type-1 diabetic. While Greg and his family

loved sweets, especially ice cream, most desserts at the time contained

artificial sweeteners and ingredients.

Unwilling to compromise between indulging his sweet tooth and maintaining

a healthy lifestyle, Greg set out to craft a functional, yet indulgent, dessert

with premium ingredients. After years of recipe tinkering, ARCTIC ZERO was

born – a line of Fit Frozen Desserts with zero compromise.


Last year at Expo West 2016 I had the honor and privilege to interview the CEO of Arctic Zero. He was incredibly kind, and I even got to taste these brand new flavors with Amit on camera - what a treat! By the way, his favorite of that launch of brand new flavors was the Snickerdoodle Dandy! You can see that interview HERE.

I love the people in this company. They are all so kind and it's obvious that they truly love their product. Everyone at their booth always welcomes me with hugs and smiles, and I am very thankful that not only do they have someone like Amit leading their company, but that his genuineness trickles down to each of the Arctic Zero team member, and it doesn't go unnoticed.

Let's jump into these new flavors starting with my favorite:

Peanut Butter Swirl - If you love peanut butter, then this was 100% made with you in mind. It's light, but peanut-buttery, and reminds me of peanut butter cookie dough. I normally don't jump on peanut butter first because sometimes it can taste powdery or bland, but they totally nailed this flavor! The mini white chocolate chips pop out at you and add to the creaminess of this incredible creation. At only 75 calories per serving and 300 calories for the whole pint, you can indulge without the guilt!

Rocky Road Trip - You know the drill... chocolate, almonds and marshmallows all mixed together to create something that everyone loves and craves. This flavor has the perfect combination and percentage of almond, chocolate and marshmallows that allows for each bite to be as good as, or better than, the bite before. Just because there are only 75 calories per serving and 300 for the whole pint doesn't meant you have to sacrifice on flavor and pure enjoyment with your Rocky Road Trip.

Cherry Chocolate - I have to keep it 100% honest with you. I do not like cherry and chocolate together. I know your jaw has dropped and you probably have that look of legitimate and total shock on your pretty face right now, but it's true! I did taste it. It tasted okay to me, but my husband and mom both love it! Would I buy it for myself? No, but that doesn't mean you won't love this flavor. I don't want to lie and say that I love this flavor and it's amazing when I don't feel that I can be a fair judge. My mom said she would buy this one in a heartbeat, though, if that helps you. Again, with only 75 calories per serving and 300 calories in a pint, you can't go wrong with this one for all of you cherry chocolate lovers.

Cake Batter - I wasn't too sure i would like this bar much, but, Oh My Lanta, I was pleasantly surprised with this one! It's not last because it's my least favorite, I just put it last since it does't grace your presence in a pint, it comes on a stick. This is a yellow cake batter bar dipped in red velvet. Red velvet isn't my favorite, but, oh my word, you put it on a yellow cake batter bar and BAM - sign me up and take my money, I love it! There are only 80 calories per bar and you don't have to feel guilty about any one of those 80 calories!

Here's the deal, you can't go wrong with any flavor from Arctic Zero. I have tried about 15 (or more) flavors, and my husband and I love all of them. You can find these amazing pints at your local grocery store or visit their website to check out their store locator.

You must check out the brand new flavors and be sure to follow Arctic Zero on social media for tips, recipes and more!

I love this company, their product, the people and I am so sorry that I didn't get this blog out to all of you sooner - life happens. I'm human and I'm sharing it with you now.


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