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4 Steps For Sustainability

I think we all want to “save the planet” in one way or another. Whether you always bring your own tote bag to the grocery store or simply recycle your bottles at home, it’s important that we all take a step in bettering our communities and this beautiful earth that we live on.

Educate yourself! Find out what little steps you can do in your own home and in your own community to “do your part” because nothing is too small. If you aren’t sure what you can do, ask someone. Talk to your local grocery store, visit the library or simply Google it!

1. BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag to the grocery store

You might live in a state where they still bag your groceries in paper or plastic bags or you might live in a state, like California, where we have to remember to bring our own reusable totes to the store. To be honest, at first it was super frustrating because we would always forget to bring our bags. They will obviously still bag your groceries but you have to pay a small price per bag. It adds up, that’s for sure! Those brown bags aren't cute, people! Need a cute tote? Check this one out - it's on sale!

2. Save Your Veggie Scraps

I read in an article from Delicious Living to start throwing your pieces of onion, garlic, celery, and shallots into your stock pot for veggie or chicken bone broth. This is a new thing for us to remember to do this. I make a lot of bone broth, and since I have started doing this my broth flavor has reached a new level of tasty! Bone broth is also really good for you and has many health benefits. (Chicken Bone Broth Recipe)

3. Swap Your Plastic Wrap

We have some plastic wrap in our drawer but, honestly, we rarely use it. I like to just put a lid on it with reusable Tupperware. My genius Grandma used to use shower caps to put around her dishes. She just rinses them out and reuses them to cover a bowl of leftovers. Here’s a new beeswax-coated organic cotton wrap that safely wraps leftover fruit, cheese, bread and more. I saw it on this article about sustainability from Delicious Living. Check out Bee’s Wrap.

4. Reuse What You Can!

I love cooking and making all kinds of dips, sauces, dressing and nut milks. I always store them in glass jars or glass bottles in my fridge. When you purchase a jar of nut butter, save that jar and reuse it! Store some homemade nut milk, this fabulous Cabo Wabo Salad Dressing or use them as center pieces!

I buy a ton of goodies (like healthy and delicious marshmallows) from Coco Bakes LA, so you can imagine how many of these cute glass jars I have at my house. I love that she sells her goodies in glass jars. I am running out of room, to be honest with you! I almost have enough to use as centerpieces for a 200 person wedding party! Okay, just kidding, but they make great jars to reuse in the kitchen.

Here’s a cute and easy Pinterest idea.

Take a jar of your choice.

Fill it almost to the rim with coffee beans.

Add a votive candle.

Tie a bow around the rim of the jar.

Light your candle and fill the room with a wonderful coffee aroma.


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