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Product: Color Kitchen Natural Food Coloring (& Frosting Recipe)

I think this product is amazing, and I think you’ll want it before I even finish writing this blog! The beautiful all-natural food coloring from Color Kitchen is just perfect for any frosting, baking or even chia see pudding recipe that you have. Throw away those terrible food colorings that you purchase at the grocery store that are filled with terrible chemicals, and keep Color Kitchen in your pantry, instead.

Color Kitchen uses natural ingredients for their food colorings: turmeric, beets and spirulina. The way the color is extracted from the source, there is no flavor or scent of turmeric, beets or spirulina in the coloring. Also, it comes in a powder form, and you will just get a gorgeous color to use in your recipes.

You can purchase three beautiful colors - Blue, Yellow and Red/Pink. They each can be used to make other colors. Think of the color wheel from art class. Yellow and Blue make Green. Red and Blue make Purple. Yellow and Red make Orange etc.

I have now used these amazing all-natural colors to create multiple colors for two different recipes. The first was a beautiful vegan/paleo chocolate cake with vanilla frosting that was an ocean/minty green color. The cake frosting was gorgeous and certainly tasty. The second was lovely different colored chia seed puddings for Easter. I made a 5 different chia seed puddings, one that was blue, yellow, green, pink, and orange. My chia seed pudding is always a hit, and there are never left overs. It's a great recipe for breakfast or dessert… and it's totally vegan!

Please go check out Color Kitchen. Through the incredible way that they are made, you will not taste turmeric, beets or spirulina… AMAZING, right? You will fall in love with their natural foods colorings. Visit to purchase and learn more.

Here is a demonstration that I did when I made my husband’s frosting. There is a short clip from Instagram of all the chia seed puddings that I made, below the frosing video. Enjoy!

Frosting Recipe:


3/4 cup of butter

3/4 cup + 1TB swerve powdered sweetener

1/4 cup + 3TB arrowroot starch

3 tablespoons of vanilla

Color Kitchen Foods Natural Coloring


Mix all ingredients except for Food Coloring, in a large bowl. Once frosting has reached desired taste and texture, add in the food coloring.

To make the Frosting thicker without adding any more sweetness, add in some more arrowroot starch. To make it thinner, add in some dairy free milk or a little more vanilla.

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