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Product: Simple Mills - Jeff's 30th Chocolate Birthday Cake

My dear sweet husband turned 30 on March 16th and to celebrate, I decided to make a cake from one of our favorite companies, Simple Mills. Because things don't always go the way we plan, we originally chose to do a vanilla cake. However, because Simple Mills is so popular, there was no vanilla cake mix in stock at any of the stores near us. So, due to limited time, we went with the chocolate cake because we love that one, too, and it worked perfectly.

The ingredients in this Chocolate Cake are simple...

Almonds Organic coconut sugar Arrowroot powder cocoa Organic coconut flour baking soda salt

and that's it! All you need is...

3 flax eggs (or 3 eggs) olive oil (or oil of choice) coffee (or water) vanilla

I highly recommend you give this amazing chocolate cake mix a try... I used two boxes of cake mix for my husband's cake and made some very special vegan buttercream frosting to go with it. You can find the recipe for the FROSTING HERE. I made the vanilla buttercream frosting a beautiful green color using Color Kitchen natural food coloring. This food coloring is made from beets, turmeric and spirulina - NO CHEMICALS! I think that is very cool.

Here is my video blog for Simple Mills Chocolate Cake Mix. It's definitely hubby approved!

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