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Happy National Coffee Day - The Grand Marceline Co.

Well, it's here! It seems like my hubby and I celebrate National Coffee Day everyday because we strongly believe that we drink the best coffee in the entire world. About two years ago, at the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim, one of the sponsors was The Grand Marceline Co. They offered samples of their delicious coffee for all 25,000 of us as we roamed the showroom floors, and my husband and I just couldn't stay away. We must have enjoyed about 20 or so small cups of coffee that weekend, and, no, not because we were tired and in need of caffeine. Their coffee is just too delicious for words!

We were fans from the get-go and began ordering and drinking their amazing coffee.

In August of 2015, just a month ago, we attended the much anticipated Disney D23 Expo and the first booth we set out to look for was, of course, The Grand Marceline Co. booth. It was fun to see everyone again, enjoy some delicious coffee and taste their new hot cocoa (which will be available on their website soon) throughout the weekend. We purchased 10 bags that weekend and finished them off pretty fast, because their coffee really is just too good for words!

If you know me, you know I never turn down a Starbucks coffee. To be completely truthful, I am beyond grateful that they finally offer a non-dairy option other than soy. I love that they finally serve coconut milk as an option. My hubby and I do love a good coconut milk latte when we are on-the-go or traveling and in need of a good cup of joe. HOWEVER, I must be totally honest with you and say that Starbuck's coffee tastes completely bitter to me now after having the good stuff from The Grand Marceline Co.

Sure, it's pretty awesome that their coffee is made in the hometown of THE Walt Disney, but once you brew some of their java you will feel like you are sitting on the original Main Street back in Marceline, Mo. Okay so it doesn't really transport you across the country, but it will surely tickle your taste buds.

They even have the most amazing hot chocolate that you will ever have in your life... and it's dairy free! BOOM BABY! How cool is that. Sure you can mix it with some milk, but I surely won't. I plan on using Good Karm Flax Milk to mix in with The Grand Marceline's hot chocolate. Their hot cocoa isn't available yet, so stay tuned via their website for more details on that. You won't want to miss out on all the chocolatey fun! (

Reasons to love The Grand Marceline Co:

1) It isn't bitter or acidic. You can really drink this coffee black. I still like to add in some vegan "foo foo cream," but it's delicious either way. When I used to drink coffee before switching over, I just hated the acidic taste so much that it makes me regret my caffeinated decision. But, let me tell you... you will be rejoicing and seeing Disneyland fireworks after you enjoy a fresh cup of The Grand Marceline Co.

2) It's fire roasted over open flames, and once the flame hits the coffee beans, it carmelizes the sugars creating something that is definitley a Walt Disney kind of "MAGICAL!"

3) Hello, it's made in Walt Disney's hometown, Marceline, MO and is even shipped from the Walt Disney United States Post Office!

4) The company is filled with amazing people. These are the kind of people who truly believe in what they are creating for their customers. I have personally gotten to know them since the last Disney D23 Expo and am truly grateful to know such awesome people. You can tell that they love what they do and they care about each and every bag that is sent out for delivery.

5) You can get their coffee auto-shipped right to your doorstep. Choose how often you want a perfectly fire-roasted bag of The Grand Marceline Co. to show up in your mailbox. Hubby and I go through about 1.5 bags per week (we drink a lot of coffee!) and when you set up the auto-shippment, you don't even have to think about running out of your morning cup of goodness! Let The Grand Marceline Co. do all the thinking for you! See, they really are good people!

6) They have a brand new hot cocoa that seriously puts every other hot cocoa to shame. Their cocoa is vegan and can be mixed with water... or some of their freshly brewed coffee and, man, does it just comfort every ounce of your body. It's super rich and not too sweet, but just sweet enough to satisfy your hot chocolatey craving!

I, Krysten, 100% approve of this amazing company and their coffee (and hot cocoa) and give it 4 thumbs up (I am counting my husband's thumbs for this one, too!) especially on this amazing day of the celebration of coffee. I promise you, if you love coffee, then you will love The Grand Marceline Co.

To learn more about this amazing company and their super delicious coffee, please visit their website and follow them on social media!


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