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Smoothie For Two (Chocolate Superfoods & Greens)

If you watch my Instagram story then you already know the drill. This is basically our smoothie every single day. It's our favorite. It has some variations. Somedays we might use a different milk or a different protein powder but generally, this is our go to.

We love adding frozen zucchini and cauliflower to our smoothies. It adds veggies and thickens up our smoothie without adding extra sugar just like ice and a banana would. Notice I don't use much banana in our smoothie. I basically use two bites for flavor because I love bananas so much.

I will keep this recipe short and sweet.

Remember, this is a smoothie for two.



2 cups homemade cashew milk 2 scoops Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Powder 2 scoops Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides* 1 tsp Sunpotion Ashwaganda 2 TB Sunfood Maca powder 2 TB Pines International Mighty Greens Lots of frozen zucchini & cauliflower 2 pieces small frozen banana 2 Disney mugs Lots of love

*omit to make vegan


Put all ingredients into your Vitamix or blender, except the Disney mugs and blend until smooth.

Pour into Disney mugs and enjoy.

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