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Product: The Perfect Bar

I am so excited about this company! Perfect Bar is a San Diego based company that makes gluten free, non-GMO, superfood, protein... perfect tasting bars! They are great for on-the-go, a quick healthy breakfast, a snack or even to satisfy a sweet tooth.

I had been eyeing these bars for the last year every single time I was at the store. I knew so many people were enjoying them & I just never hopped on board because I don't do dairy and there is organic nonfat milk powder in most of their bars. But, at Expo East, I eagerly went to their booth and was so excited to taste all of the bars. At that point, I fell madly in love with Perfect Bar.

You might be wondering why I would eat this bar when I do not eat dairy. (All you dairy free & vegan people, keep reading cause there is a vegan bar, too!) You might also be wondering why I would share this bar with you and on my blog when I don't eat dairy. Well, first of all, their bars are all so delicious… and, second of all, they are made with REAL ingredients! So many of you do not avoid dairy & I know this would be the perfect option for you!

There's another reason why I love this company so much: Dr. Bud Keith, the Keith family and their story. I fell in love with Perfect Bar at Expo East, the flavor, the ingredients and the people at their booth were the friendliest, energetic, and downright amazing. When I got home I reached out to them to let them know that I was a big fan & they were stoked! They also shared a video with me about their story. I didn't expect to bawl like a baby and cry tears of joy. Please watch this video HERE and see how much heart and soul and love goes into each bar! THIS is just another reason why I love Perfect Bar!

I love supporting companies who have a message, a purpose and who carry out a legacy for so many to enjoy. I love supporting companies who are enthusiastic about their products, who love to make sure their product is filled with quality ingredients and who care about bettering the overall quality of life and health of the people who eat their food. I love companies like Perfect Bar.

All their bars are gluten free and non-GMO, some are organic and one is even vegan... Let's dig in to these fabulous bars:

Peanut Butter- (organic)

This is probably my favorite of all the bars. It reminds me of peanut butter cookie dough. I love the texture of this bar, it's as if you made peanut butter cookie dough, shaped the dough into bars, and refrigerated them. My hubby and I love this bar & always have a few in the fridge for a quick on-the-go breakfast or healthy snack. You can even pick up a pack of this bar at Costco! Winning!

Carob Chip-

I would say we are definitely a fan of this bar; the flavor is nice, it's not too sweet like you would think a chocolate chip version would be. Great texture! If you love carob, you will love this bar! Yum!

Fruit & Nut- (organic)

Hello PB&J! This one has similar texture to the peanut butter bar, with some fruits and nuts mixed in... hence the name "Fruit & Nut". Great flavor & love the surprises of fruits all up in this bar.

Cranberry Crunch- (organic)

This bar has amazing texture! The added crunch is too legit. Using puffed brown rice in this bar is a big win! Similar texture to peanut butter with some added pizzazz crunch!

Almond Coconut- (vegan/organic)

Hello you beautiful vegan bar! This bar is too tasty for words. The texture is "mealy" in that the shredded coconut adds all kinds of life to your mouth when you chow down on a bite. It's not too "coconutty" for those of you who aren't down with the coconut flavor. There are little fruit surprises in this bar, as well, and I would definitely say that this bar is tied for my FAVORITE with the Peanut Butter bar!

Almond Acai-

Yummy! This bar has a texture unlike the others in that it's not "cookie doughy" as it has the puffed brown rice mixed in. It's mealy in a different way than the Almond Coconut bar, and oh so delicious.

Almond Butter-

How can you really go wrong with almond butter? It's the peanut butter bar for the almond lover, with pieces of almonds up in it. It would probably come in third place behind peanut butter and almond coconut, as I do love almond butter. Imagine an almond butter cookie dough, formed into bars & refrigerated into the perfect treat!

UPDATE with 2 new flavors (April 2017)

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter + Sea Salt- Honestly, I didn't think it could get any better with Perfect Bar's amazing line up but then this bar came out and I lost my mind. Dark Chocolate and PB is a delicious gift in life and the combo that Perfect Bar has created is incredible. Imagine their Peanut Butter bar with dark chocolate chips and a little sea salt and then multiply that by about a zillion and you have their new flavor. It's like your eating cookie dough, but with all kinds of nutritious superfoods that make the perfect combo!

Dark Chocolate Almond-

Once again, like I said before, I didn't think it could get any better, but they did it again! There is something about this bar that is so flavorful and hearty. It's very similar to the Almond Butter except it's made with dark chocolate - such a great combo! It's probably my second favorite behind the Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter + Sea Salt (the other new flavor). They use rich cocoa in this bar that really pops next to the almond butter. You can't go wrong with any of their flavors but these two new ones are my fav!

Some things you should know:

- Keep your Perfect Bar in the fridge. I actually keep all my bars in the fridge because I enjoy the texture of most bars when they are cold. This is a WIN for me cause these bars are great at room temp but even better right out of the fridge!

- These bars are each filled with 20+ superfoods!

- You would never know that there are greens like: spinach, kale, celery, kelp, carrot, papaya, tomato and more in these bars! That means, it's great for kiddos, ensuring that they get some amazing ingredients in their snack!

- You can get Almond Butter and Peanut Butter bars in a mini 100 calorie version which are not only the cutest thing you've ever seen, but so satisfying for a healthy snack, a sweet tooth craving, your kid's lunch (your lunch too) or even just to keep with you when you need a pick me up!

- There are no chemicals, preservatives or refined sugars in these bars. Amen to that, for reals!

- Every bar is gluten free!

Thank you Perfect Bar for making such incredible tasting bars with ingredients I can love, trust and feel confident feeding my family and sharing on Krysten's Kitchen. Thank you to the Keith kids for sharing your dad's perfect recipe with all of us! Forever grateful! And, thank you Dr. Bud Keith for your vision, your creativeness, and for being so ahead of your time! Because of you and your mindset, and entrepreneurship, your family has been able to share this Perfect Bar with so many people, including me. We are fans for life.

Here are the 2 new flavors:


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