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Product: Good Karma Flax Milk

This is probably one of my most favorite things ever and my husband and I drink it every single day. We typically use Good Karma Flax Milk for coffee or protein shakes, but we have used it in many recipes for soups, dressings, desserts, eggs and more. It's the perfect replacement or alternative to milk!

I had searched high and low to getting my husband completely off of milk. Almond milk was something that totally worked for him for everything except for his coffee until this one day at Whole Foods.

Every now and then I like to roam Whole Foods Market to see what new products are out there. I was looking in the milk alternative section, saw Good Karma Flax Milk and was pretty excited. My hubby was a bit skeptical but totally willing to give it a try. I acutally tasted it right there in the store and bought it right away. We purchased the Flax Milk + Protein in unsweetened vanilla as well as the Flax Milk Original unsweetened that day and over a year later, it is always in our fridge. While we still bought almond milk for protein shakes, he couldn't stand the nutty taste for his coffee. After my husband tried Good Karma Flax Milk in his coffee the next morning, we never bought milk again... ever!

Growing up, I never really liked plain milk. While I could enjoy it in my cereal in a latte or milkshake, I really was never the biggest fan of drinking it plain. Looking back, I think it was more of the way it made me feel after drinking it than the texture or anything else. However, I love Good Karma Flax Milk and my hubby says it's the closest tasting to actual milk out of all the alternatives and even much tastier than milk, too! It's the perfect texture and taste to enjoy in your coffee, to replace regular dairy milk in any recipe or even to drink plain! It is so incredibly rich, creamy and tasty and has wonderful nutrition. I love my flax milk WAY more than I ever liked regular dairy milk!

Good Karma Flax Milk

- non GMO certified

- no MSG

- has 300mg of calcium (30% of daily intake)

- has omega 3 fatty acids (good fats)

- so tasty

If you love regular milk, want to give it up and can't seem to give it up or if you are struggling to find something tasty for your coffee that is also way healthier than milk, you have to give this a try. It is by far the greatest thing to ever hit the shelf next to the milk at the grocery store.

One of the last things my dad gave up when he became a vegan was half and half for his coffee. Once he say bye-bye to half and half, he used soy milk for coffee and cereal. When I told him about flax milk, he immediatley bought some that wasn't from Good Karma Foods - his first mistake - and tried it and hated it! When I told him he got the wrong one, he went out and bought some Good Karma Flax Milk and said buh-bye to soy. A few months ago, he said buh-bye to coffee and just drinks Good Karma Flax Milk - HAH!

I recently spoke with the company and they said they are pushing so hard to get their product 100% Organic and they are doing everything they can in that department. They are Non-GMO certified and are about 97% Organic right now - AMAZING!

To learn more about Good Karma Flax Milk, visit their website. To purchase Good Karma Flax Milk, check your local Whole Foods Market, Gelsons Market, Bristol Farms, Albertsons, Sprouts or use their store finder.

Use Good Karma Flax Milk in:

smoothies & protein shakes

any recipe that calls for milk!

PS - This is one of the products that I was most excited to share with you. If you aren't using Good Karma Flax Milk .... you are so missing out!


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