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You say tomato, I say OTAMOT! | Virtual Organic Week 2021

We’re kicking off Virtual Organic Week 2021 with a brand created by accident. A brand that was created one night when founder Andrew wanted to create something healthier for his daughter, co-founder Eve. Otamot was born (tomato spelled backwards) and now with 4 different tomato sauces filled with veggies, and all kinds of flavor, I’m excited to share their story with you! To see last year’s Organic Week, click here.

Two years ago, around this time, I was in Washington D.C. with the Organic Trade Association (OTA) as one of their influencers to "hit the Hill" to lobby for the future of the Organic industry and, more specifically, the Farm Bill. Organic Week D.C. is an amazing week organized by the OTA. Organic businesses travel to D.C. to hit the Hill and meet with key members of Congress! When you support the ORGANIC industry, you are supporting organic brands and organic farmers that believe in the health and wellness of your family. Did you know that there are 700 chemicals that are prohibited in organic farming, yet 3000 chemicals are allowed in conventional farming as opposed to 67 that are allowed in organic. Organic producers, farmers and brands are committed to making healthy food safe and available to all Americans! (Here's a group photo from last year of some of the amazing influencers that went on this trip to HIT THE HILL with the OTA!) Read more about that trip HERE.

In 2019, we were able to travel to Washington D.C. for an in person Organic Week, but last year things were moved to a virtual "Organic Week”, and I decided to do my own version in 2020 and host a Virtual Organic Week featuring amazing brands (Live More Organics Freak Flag Organics Four Sigmatic Pines Wheatgrass Artisana Organics Evolved Rebbl) that I love. Eating organic is important to our family and I even write about it in my book, Eat Real Food.

This year, I’m sharing some of my favorite USDA Organic brands and products with you each day on social media and here on, as well as sharing some Q + As with each brand. Follow along on Instagram, too! Please show these brands some love!

I met the founder of Otamot, Andrew, a few years back at Natural Products Expo East and practically wanted to drink this tomato sauce! They sent me home with a bottle, and I shared it with my family who also loved every bite. They’ve since created four products, including: Organic Essential Sauce, Organic Carrot Bolognese Sauce, Organic Spicy Sauce and Organic Vodka Sauce. My most favorite way to use it is over spaghetti squash noodles and even mixed in the blender with some raw organic cashews to make it creamy. Click here for that recipe. It’s a staple dinner now! I've also used it just for dipping with bread or poured over meatballs, too. I love that they are dairy-free, organic, filled with veggies and gluten-free and tasty for the whole fam!

If you're interested in learning more about Otamot, visit their website here or follow them on Instagram.

Why did you start your company/ Why did the company start? Otamot was founded by accident - I simply wanted to help my daughter eat more veggies. It was never supposed to turn into more than just one meal for her.
Why is creating organic products important to you? Our family switched to organic once we saw the difference between a regular and non-organic potato that was left on the counter. The organic one grew sprouts, while the non-organic one didn’t. We learned it was because of all the pesticides and harmful ingredients that preventing the non-organic potato from growing. That discovery was enough to lead us to switch.
What do you wish consumers understood about organic ingredients/sourcing organic ingredients? I wish consumers realized how harmful non-organic farming was to the earth and the humans who consume those foods.
Is there anything else you’d like to share about your brand/products/upcoming product launches?Why did you start your company/ Why did the company start? Otamot was founded by accident - I simply wanted to help my daughter eat more veggies. It was never supposed to turn into more than just one meal for her.
Do you have any advice for other brands or consumers about why they should choose organic products and support the organic industry? The first step is to understand the worst of the bunch - the Dirty Dozen. Those fruits and vegetables are known to contain the most amount of pesticides, and should be the ones you avoid the most when it comes to non-organic food consumption. Strawberries top the list. Tomatoes are included too - which is a big reason Otamot is USDA organic. Also learn about the Clean 15, which are foods that you don’t need to always have organic. Avocados for example have a hard shell, so the pesticides do not impact them the same way at other say leafy vegetabless
Where can people buy your products? Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, Erewhon, Amazon, Central Market, Fresh Thyme, Feed Meyers, Fry’s, King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs, and more. See our store locator here:


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