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Last week I attended the first Bloom Summit event, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had. My friend, Stephanie, and I went together and had a girls day at the event! It was all heath, wellness & beauty related. There were Vitamin IV’s, B12 shots, snacks, lunch, celebs and amazing companies there talking about their products!

The beautiful event was held at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills in their gorgeous courtyard, and the education sessions were held inside the hotel in some of their conference rooms. Session topics included: wellness tips for busy lives, mindful eating, the beauty of collagen, skincare, green living and detoxing your home, hydration and more.

I loved that Leah Segedie, author of Green Enough (a life-changing book) and founder of both Mamavation and ShiftCon, was there to talk about detoxing your home and your life. Her book changed our life! I even made a YouTube video all about her book!

Charles Chen was also there at the NeoCell booth! He has an incredible story: losing over 100lbs and has focused his life on healthy eating and creating a healthy lifestyle through food, self-care and having a healthy relationship with food. He made some KILLER gluten free, cane sugar free brownies with collagen and Stephanie and I ate about 500 of them — SORRY NOT SORRY!

There were some wonderful companies there at the event. Here are a few:

- NeoCell - The wonderful title sponsor that makes collagen products which are great! I already love and use some of their products & I am grateful that they were one of the main sponsors for this event!

- Boiron USA - a homeopathic medicine company which we already love and use their products.

- YouPlusCBD - a CBD company which we already love and use their CBD products on a daily basis.

- Life in Jeneral - an organizational service company, whom I would like to hire to organize my life!

- Genexa - an organic homeopathic company that I just met for the first time and I’m excited to try their products.

- Mychelle Beauty - a natural skincare and beauty brand that I met for the first time, and I am super pumped about it.

Saarah and her incredible team put together such a wonderful event! The swag bags were “too infinity and beyond” amazing: they were filled with products from so many companies there at the event, as well as other companies who were not there. The bags were FILLED with Made In Nature snacks to the NeoCell Skin Hydrator Ceramosides, to the Organic Valley Ghee, Mychelle Exfoliator, OXO kitchen goodies, the PooPouri, Nutrigold Women’s Multivitamins, Boiron Arnica Gel, Pacifica Beauty’s new perfumes, YouPlusCBD capsules and sooooooo sooooo much more!

Thank you so much for having this incredible event! I cannot wait until next year! This is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for anyone in the beauty, wellness, health or natural products industry! Mingle with celebs and brands, get free vitamin IVs and B12 shots, eat snacks galore, make DIY beauty crafts, and learn some informative, fun information in the great sessions, too!


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