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So You Don’t Smell Like B.O. But Is Your Deodorant Really Working For Ya?

Let’s keep it real. Admit it - midday at work, at school or at Disneyland you have casually raised your arm to take a whiff of your pits to check for body odor aka B.O.

It’s safe to say that we have all been there.

Everyone sweats! Unless you have had your armpits injected with botox to remove the sweat glands (yes, that’s a real thing), then you sweat, and that’s totally normal.

Sweating is actually a good thing, even though it isn’t always fun to do. Sweating is a natural thing that actually helps your body to stay cool. You can Google about sweat for more info. So, let’s talk about deodorant, your pits and B.O.

It’s best to try new deodorants until you find one that you like and that works for you. However, you should avoid the bad-for-you deodorants that might help you not stink of B.O., but do contain aluminum.

Aluminum is the most common ingredient found in deodorant. It's a metal which is used to help contain or stop you from sweating and which is not healthy for your pores. Aluminum has also been linked to breast cancer and increased risk of Alzheimer's. It's no surprise that as women are applying their deodorant to their underarms (which is even worse if you have freshly shaved) the ingredients are going right into your bloodstream. These chemicals can even disrupt our hormone balance and damage our central nervous system. Did you know that the FDA classifies a common deodorant ingredient as a pesticide? Scary!

If you don't smell and your deodorants are preventing you from releasing sweat then it's time to toss that in the garbage!

For the longest time I used deodorants in junior high and high school that contained aluminum, and, to be honest, they might have worked, but I knew they were bad for me. In college I constantly looked healthier deodorants in natural stores, tried a bunch and none of them worked.

About 5ish years ago I started making my own, and, to this day, it is the best thing that has ever worked for me! I have literally tried this deodorant in the most humid weather at Walt Disney World in the middle of Summer, and while I do sweat (because that is a healthy thing to do), I do not smell!

I am so thankful that now my husband uses it, too! So, men… listen up - it will work on your hairy pits! Women, encourage your men to use it too, it has been hubby-tested and hubby-approved for about 6 months now.

Here’s the cool thing about this deodorant, it’s super easy to make and you only need 3 ingredients - all of which you probably already have in your kitchen. You could add a 4th if you wanted to add a scent, however that is up to you. I prefer THIS line of essential oils from Ra Goods.


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