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Disneyland's Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience - Top 8 Allergen Free

UPDATE: The dessert box is top 7 free. The gummy bears do contain/may contain fish gelatin. PLEASE do not eat if you have a fish/shellfish allergen!

On Sunday night, September 3rd, my husband and I celebrated 12 years together. I was just a puppy when we started dating. I was only 17 and he was 19 years old.

Jeff surprised me with a wonderful evening: first dinner at a yummy restaurant followed by a trip to Disneyland. We go to Disneyland all the time, so I figured we went after dinner to walk around, catch a ride and view the fireworks or Fantasmic! This time, however, my sweet hubby surprised me with the Skyline Lounge Experience!

What is it, you ask? It's pure magic. Disney magic that is. Price of this magical experience: $45 per person. You cannot use an annual passholder discount for this experience and you must have park admission.

At Star Wars Launch Bay, formerly the Innovations building, on the balcony facing Tomorrowland, the Matterhorn and the Disneyland Castle is a wonderful, almost remote, exclusive, lounge. The lounge which looks high above the guests roaming Tomorrowland is filled with couches, high tables for two, games and dedicated castmembers, who go above and beyond to make your night special.

Our favorite castmember of the evening, though they were all lovely, was most definitely Jessica. She was so kind to us and chatted with us after the event. You could just tell that she was happy to be there and happy to make everyone's night so magical and memorable.

Upon arrival, we were given a lanyard and handed a box generously filled with desserts. They were beautiful to look at, in Mickey shapes and well thought out. There were all different kinds, not just all chocolate or all vanilla. They pretty much covered their bases of sweet tastebuds cravings.

I got my dessert box, we found a table and I realized that basically I couldn't eat any of the desserts due to my cane sugar allergy and I avoid dairy as well as wheat and most the ingredients in the box. I was glad to see the box at least had some grapes as well as a savory cheese with crackers. I did happily eat all of the grapes.

Of course the desserts are all themed and the names of each dessert were way cute which you can see in the photo.

The dessert box contained:

fresh red grapes

5 crackers with a boursin herbed cheese

a mini cherry filled pie

a Mickey cream filled sponge cake

a coconut strawberry iced sponge cake filled with cream

a cream filled chocolate cake drenched in chocolate

I knew I couldn't eat it but decided to take a bite of 2 of the desserts for fun. Then I realized... I'm at Disneyland! They accommodate allergies and have separate kitchens to prepare allergy friendly foods. I waved over Jessica, the amazing castmember and asked if they had an allergy friendly box. Within 10 minutes, she personally brought me an amazing top 8 allergen free dessert box! Mind you, it still contained cane sugar, but it was free of dairy, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish! Amazing!

The Allergy friendly box contained:

4 fresh strawberries with a chocolate dipping sauce

1 large Jello Mickey*

2 brown rice crisps

fresh red grapes

a small container of gummy bears*

fresh carrots, celery and roasted red bell pepper hummus


I was ecstatic that I could at least it most of the allergy friendly dessert. While I do avoid cane sugar, and so many other ingredients, there was so much more in the regular box that I couldn't eat due to the dairy, wheat, flour, and other ingredients in these gorgeous desserts. I did eat more sugar in this box than I normally eat in a couple of days, due to eating most of the gummy bears and whatever sugar was in the chocolate dipping sauce but I was too happy and thankful to have hummus, fresh veggies and fruits to enjoy. I love that Disney has this box as an option.

Mind you, if you have allergies that do not fit within the top 8 allergens, you are always allowed to bring your own treats. You can pack a dessert box of your own and bring it with you, no problem. Typically, we bring snacks and treats of our own to enjoy when we visit Disneyland. Just don't bring glass containers.

With the dessert box, we also got unlimited drinks. I told my hubby that I would consume $50 worth of bottled water during the night. Drink choices: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bottled Water, Perrier, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hot Tea. I don't know how much water I drank but I do know I had to pee really bad after the fireworks show. I did down 2 ice cold Perrier, and 3 waters during the 2 hours we lounged on the balcony. I also took 2 water with me to go because I am a camel and drink lots of water.

Throughout the evening, castmembers came around multiple times asking if they could get us anything, clear any trash, bring us chargers for our phones (GENIUS) or do anything for us. We decline a phone charger. They were all so wonderful, happy and kind. It didn't go unnoticed. After the event, we stood and talked to Jessica. We traded Disney stories, talked about the weird weather which none of us were sure would cancel the fireworks show*, thanked her repeatedly and she congratulated us multiple times on our anniversary celebration. She high-fived my hubs when we told her that this event was totally a surprise to me until we got here. She asked how we met and made us feel so special and important.

About 30 minutes before the fireworks began, we had a very special appearance from Minnie and Mickey! What a treat. Mickey gave us a big hug, took some photos and made our night special. The highlight of seeing Minnie and Mickey was when Minnie came around. I told her we were celebrating our 12 year anniversary. She grabbed my ring finger and basically "said" it was blinding and hinted to Mickey as he walked by that she wanted a ring. Everyone was laughing so hard. She kept holding my left hand in the air and pointing at my ring and looking at Mickey. He came over and kissed Minnie and a castmember shouted "Minnie, you know Mickey wanted to take it slow!" Minnie quickly acted as if she was really old and pretend to walk with a cane, hunched over. Mickey covered his eyes. It was very comical and I wish it was all on film, but another castmember had our phone and didn't think to hit record.

We took photos with Minnie and just a few minutes later, we were mesmerized with the fireworks that lit up the entire sky over The Happiest Place On Earth.

The fireworks were just as incredible as they are on Main Street USA facing the castle. My husband took this awesome photo of Mickey in the sky.

I highly recommend this incredible experience at Disneyland. You are able to spend 2 hours in the lounge, you can even come and go in that time frame. Relax, play some Jenga with Mickey and enjoy a secluded area and hopefully you will get to see the fireworks that night.

Thank you so much, Disney, for making it easier for families and people with food allergies to enjoy your top of the line experiences. Thank you for making that effort so that I could enjoy the amazing Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience with my husband and a top 8 allergen friendly box! I can't even wait to do it again!

This is the photo we took after the fireworks had finished and I had tears in my eyes. What a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary, our love and our love for Disneyland. We did get engaged at Disneyland as well, so it's kind of our thing. Thank you, babe for such a wonderful 12 year anniversary celebration!

To book tickets for the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience, click here or call (714) 781-3463. Book ahead of time to ensure there is availability. Enjoy and may your Disneyland dreams come true!

*Fireworks shows take place on select nights and are subject to cancellation without notice due to weather or other circumstances. Please check schedule for performance times. If the fireworks are canceled due to weather or any other circumstances, you do not get a refund as this is not a fireworks viewing party.


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