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3 - Ingredient Thin Mint Cookies

"...It's the most busiest time of the year. We have no time for baking all of the cookies that bring so much cheer..." Okay, I am done singing that song. Let's keep it real, it's a super busy time of the year and while some people have time to make Christmas cookies, I personally do not have any extra time... but I do enjoy eating them! So, if any of you have time to make me some beautiful Christmas cookies, please send them to me!

This recipe is a favorite of mine over the last couple of years. It only has 3 ingredients, it's easy enough for your kids or your husbands to help. Serve these at your Christmas party with the desserts, or it even makes a lovely Christmas gift for your neighbors, friends, coworkers or loved ones. It won't take long and whoever takes a bite will beg you for this recipe, I promise! They won't believe how easy it really is!

Let me just say right now: this recipe doesn't involve measuring. It's totally eyeballed and involves your tastebuds. Some people prefer lots of mint and other's don't care for too much of it. Just go with the flow here, you are probably in a hurry anyway, right? You have 4 days until Christmas and you better start making these.

Side note: please do not use the microwave, it's not good for you and alters the nutrition value in your food. I highly recommend you use a double boiler to melt your chocolate. It doesn't take long at all. For details on a double boiler, click HERE and see my photos below.



crushed Candy Canes (optional)

What else you will need:

unbleached parchment paper

a medium size glass bowl


a small sauce pan


Tear off a large sheet of unbleached parchment paper and lay it out on your counter.

Pour a good amount (maybe half the bag) of chocolate chips in a glass bowl and melt the chocolate chips over a double boiler on low heat. Stir occasionally with a spatula. Once melted, turn off heat and remove bowl to an oven mitt or trivet.

Add in a few drops of your peppermint extract. I like to pour the drops into the lid to ensure that I do not over pour it right into my chocolate mixture. Stir and taste.

Open the box of Late July Rich Classic Crackers and, one by one, dip each cracker into the chocolate mixture. You can use spoons to assist you or just use your fingers. Warning: the chocolate is yummy to lick off your fingers, but be careful that the chocolate isn't too hot.

After coating the cracker completely in the mint chocolatey mixture, place on parchment paper to dry.

Once cookies are dry, arrange on holiday plate for your party or place in festive gift box to gift to your loved ones!

If you'd like to sprinkle them with crushed candy canes, do that before they dry and harden.

These cookies are easy as 1 - 2 - 3! Enjoy and Happy Merry Christmas to you all!


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Welcome to Krysten's Kitchen. I hope you'll stay and eat awhile.

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