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Product: Arctic Zero - Fit Frozen Desserts

It's definitely Summer, which means we are craving frozen treats. Honestly, I am not the one who usually goes straight to ice cream on a hot summer day or late at night like a lot of people do. I don't like how normal (dairy) ice cream makes me feel on any day, let alone a hot day. I have never been an avid ice cream/frozen yogurt lover, but I still enjoy a frozen treat when it's hot out - preferably free of milk, loads of sugar, thousands of calories and bad ingredients.

If you haven't tried Arctic Zero's Fit Frozen Desserts then you most definitely need to stop what you are doing right now, go to the store and get some and then come back and continue reading this blog while you eat a whole pint of it for just a teeny tiny number of calories. No, really - one of my favorite flavors (Poppin' Pomegranate) has only 150 calories in the entire pint! Yup... you ready that correctly!


What is the inspiration behind ARCTIC ZERO?

(taken from

ARCTIC ZERO was created by Greg Holtman who vividly remembers

caring for his mother, who was a type-1 diabetic. While Greg and his family

loved sweets, especially ice cream, most desserts at the time contained

artificial sweeteners and ingredients.

Unwilling to compromise between indulging his sweet tooth and maintaining

a healthy lifestyle, Greg set out to craft a functional, yet indulgent, dessert

with premium ingredients. After years of recipe tinkering, ARCTIC ZERO was

born – a line of Fit Frozen Desserts with zero compromise.


Their brand new flavors, which are pictured above, are so delicious! I had the privilege to interview the CEO of Arctic Zero back in March at the Natural Products Food Expo West in Anaheim, California. He was incredibly kind, and I even got taste these brand new flavors with Amit on camera - what a treat! By the way, his favorite of the brand new flavors is the Snickerdoodle Dandy! You can see that interview HERE.

I love that these amazing pints are lactose free, gluten free, fat free, GMO free and they are also low glycemic. There is a bit of protein in each pint, along with all kinds of flavor and zero guilt!

Let's get into the brand new flavors (in order as shown in the photo above).

Cake Batter - This flavor is a hit if you love cake batter flavored frozen treats. I grew up enjoying the job of "batter eater" and "bowl licker" when my grandma would make cakes and baked goods. You can say that cake batter is pretty much in our DNA! Their cake batter is sweet, hits the spot and at only 35 calories a serving, how could you go wrong? Can it be my birthday every single day? Because my hubby and I could enjoy Cake Batter all day every day.

Poppin' Pomegranate - If you are looking for a low cal frozen treat that is just like a sorbet, all kinds of pomegranate flavor and only 35 calories a serving, then this is your pint! Wow, I surely love this flavor! It is so refreshing, sweet and tart at the same time. This is a must-have flavor for our hot summer here in Southern California!

Snickerdoodle Dandy - Can we just go back to childhood breakfast time and enjoy a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Yes, you surely can! This flavor tastes like a bowl of that cereal... but better, and without all the bad chemicals, modified ingredients and GMOs like that cereal has. It tastes just likes snickerdoodle cookies - they nailed this flavor! Only 75 calories for a serving and, if you are really going to town, you could eat the whole pint for 300 calories!

Brownie Blast - Hello chocolate-filled-with-more-chocolate! Yup, you heard that right! This is probably a favorite for my hubby and me, but he doesn't like that I try to steal all the brownie bites from him. HAH! They are just too good! If you love a frozen chocolatey dessert that has little pieces of deliciousness (a.k.a. brownies bites with chocolate chips in them), then look no further than Brownie Blast! Just 75 calories for a serving! I am pretty sure you couldn't smell a real brownie for less calories than that!

Banana Pudding - Ohhhhh, there you are banana pudding! This might be my favorite of the new flavors. When I first tried this flavor with Amit (CEO of Arctic Zero), I couldn't believe my taste buds! It takes me back to my childhood when my Grandma Winnie would make this amazing dessert that is vanilla pudding, wafer cookies and slices of fresh bananas. This really is on point! I still can't believe that this flavor is only 75 calories for a serving, because I just can't eat one serving of this flavor. The little pieces of vanilla wafer cookies seriously made this pint perfection!

In all reality, you can't go wrong with any flavor from Arctic Zero. I have tried about 10 flavors and my husband and I loved all of them. You can find these amazing pints at your local grocery stores or visit their website to check out their store locator.

You must check out the brand new flavors and be sure to follow Arctic Zero on social media for tips, recipes and more!


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